Review: msh Love Liner Liquid and Pencil Extra Smooth

IMG_1591What if you missed out on meeting Prince Charming, but got the chance to meet his younger brother?  You might hope that the apple usually doesn’t fall far from the tree, right?  Well, in this case, the apple is nowhere near the tree.

msh Love Liner Liquid is like my Prince Charming.  To me, it is almost a perfect liquid eyeliner.  The rose gold coloured packaging is sturdy and beautiful.  Moreover, I have been using it for half a year, and it still has not dried out.  I think this is mostly due to a special mechanism in the cap.  Like many Japanese liquid eyeliners, it has a brush tip which is flexible and allows you to control the width of the line.


What makes this liner even better than some popular liquid eyeliners from Herione Make and Dolly wink for me is how long it stays on my eyes.  Literally, very little stays on my eyes without smudging, hence the name of this blog.  However, this liner will stay put on my eyes for 12 hours. Even after 16 hours, 90% of the line is still on my eyes.  It is a miracle!


Unfortunately, the msh Pencil Extra Smooth, is nothing like prince charming.  I still wonder if I got a defective pencil because other bloggers have had a better experience.  I just don’t have many positives to say about this pencil other than it has the twisting self sharpening mechanism that the recent Smashbox pencil has.  It seems like a great idea.  However, I feel like it makes the pencil less versatile because sometimes you might duller point or longer pencil lead to work with.

The packaging is not a major problem.  It is mostly the formula.  The pencil is very patchy when applied to the eye.  It is not very good at gripping on to the eye when you draw your line.  Lastly, the colour is also not very black compared to some other pencils on the market.  I tried really hard to like it, but I just didn’t reach for it much.  To make matters worse, while swatching it on my hand, the tip broke off, and I have been unable to get the lead to move up into the lid to sharpen again. Basically, I can’t use it anymore.  Unhappy face.

VERDICT:  Loved, loved, loved, the liquid liner.  Pencil liner?  Thumbs down.


Review: Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color BR306


There is nothing better than a great cream eyeshadow.  First of all, it is quick to apply and you usually don’t need any tools other than your fingers.  Moreover, often one colour is enough create a beautiful and multidimensional eye look and that is why I am always hunting for the “perfect” cream eye shadow.  I currently have eight!

Like many people, Maybelline’s 24 hr Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze is a favourite cream eyeshadow of mine.  I still love it, but it does dry out pretty quickly.  Plus, the colour comes off more metallic, and I wanted to see what other finishes were out there.

Asian drugstores are like cosmetic candy stores.  There is so much to try and the quality is usually pretty good.  In Taiwan, I purchased a cream and powder eyeshadow duo from Integrate called Heart Melty Eyes and I loved it.  The brand is owned by Shiseido so I thought, why not try a cream eyeshadow from the original source.  So I decided to pick up Shiseido’s Shimmering Cream Eye Color in BR 306.


I decided to go with a safe neutral colour in BR 306.  It is a brown with a more reddish undertone with a slight shimmer running through it.  Unlike some of the newer cream eyeshadows by Tom Ford and Charlotte Tilsbury which have a much more moussy texture, this cream eyeshadow has a more similar texture to the Maybelline 24 hr Tattoo.  It is smooth and has that cream-gel texture.  I tend to like this texture more because you can dab with varying pressure to pick up as much as you need whereas I find that with moussy textures you pick up too much quite easily.

The colour payoff is very good.  It only takes one swipe and can be layered pretty easily.   Furthermore, it also blends out well.   The Shiseido website states that it should last a good 16 hours.  However, I have extremely oily hooded eyelids and even with primer (i.e., Nar Smudge Proof  Eyeshadow Base), it still fades and creases a little bit on my eyelids.

VERDICT: A quality cream eyeshadow with good colour payoff and longitivtiy.   I would want to try some of the other colours.