Current Favourite Beauty Youtubers (aka I watch too much Youtube)


I think I watch too much Youtube.  I am subscribed to over 200 beauty Youtubers.  The inspiration for this post came when I was sitting amongst a group of friends talking about their favourite TV shows and I had nothing to add to the conversation.  The thing is I almost exclusively watch Youtube most of the time.

Just to give you a vibe of what I like to watch.  If I really had to narrow it down to my favourite Beauty Youtuber.  It would have to be Claire Marshall.  She is the girl that everyone wants to be best friends with because she is so cool, but yet so approachable and warm.  Plus, her videos are so creative and well done.  Other favourites include Estee Lalonde, and Jaclyn Hill.  I thought since the Youtubers I have just named are pretty well-known already, the next few Youtubers I want to discuss, might not have as large of an audience, but are “up there” in my “must watch immediately” video list.

Sharon Farrell

She is definitely one of those Youtubers I always think should have more subscribers.  Originally from Ireland, she is now living in Australia with her husband.  Being a professional makeup artist, her makeup tutorials are awesome (lots of excellent tips).  However, I think the main reason I love watching her is because there is always a cliffhanger moment when you are not sure how the makeup will turn out.  Of course, it always turns out amazing.

Harry Makes It Up

If you like watching Lisa Eldridge, you might like watching her.  She is another makeup artist based in England.  Like Lisa, she has a very soothing voice and it is a joy just to watch her do makeup.  Plus, every time she mentions a product that she keeps in her pro kit, my ears totally perk up.

What Olivia Did

Another awesome Youtube channel run by a British youtuber is What Olivia Did, who also runs a lovely blog.  She not only does videos on beauty, but also fashion.  If you like watching I Covet Thee and Kate La Vie, you might also love her (she has a bit more Zoella-like cute vibe to her though).  I especially love her style videos.  Her style is modern, girly, and trendy.  Basically, I want everything she owns, especially everything in the video of her capsule wardrobe.


ssin has a very large audience, but I thought I would mention her again because her recent videos have been a must-watch if you want to get into Korean makeup.  She is doing one brand Korean makeup tutorials each week.  They have been tremendously helpful if you don’t have tons of money to try everything.  ssin is a Korean Youtuber, but most of her videos have English subtitles.  How to describe ssin?  She is crazy, outspoken, funny, tomboyish, and most importantly talented.  I can’t think of anyone like her on Youtube.


Guess it is pretty obvious I am really into Korean makeup lately.  Jen from meejmuse is an Australian-Korean who has moved to Korea.  She does awesome videos replicating korean celebrity makeup.  Plus, because she lives there, you get to see the most up to date Korean cosmetics.  Her recent series covering Korean culture is also well-done and fascinating.

I am curious.  How many Youtube channels do you subscribe to?  What other beauty Youtubers do you recommend?

28 thoughts on “Current Favourite Beauty Youtubers (aka I watch too much Youtube)

  1. I’ve been a study follower of Michelle Phan ever since I discovered youtube, I think it was back in 2006 (!), and even though she has become a huge youtube sensation, she still puts her energy in her videos. So I would still recommend her channel. 🙂

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  2. I have so many youtubers that I’m subscribed too! I’ll defy check out the other lists, but I’m already subscribed to meejmuse and sharon farrell. I’d recommend wayne goss, he gives great tips although the video titles are annoying. Jordan liberty is the one who you should check out too! frmheadtotoe is my favourite, she’s so nice and most of the tutorials can be applied to my asian eyes!

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  3. LOL!! You are so funny! Don’t worry! I’m youtube obsessed too! Claire Marshall is awesome!! You should start a youtube! I just did! I think the whole process is slow to start, but I figured why not since I love watching all of these reviews anyway 🙂 Following!

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