Twins or Friends: Maybelline Fit Me and the SAEM Cover Protection Tip Concealers

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Dupes are a fun topic and also an economical one because the dupe is often cheaper.  Instead of comparing the dupe to the original, I thought it would be fun to compare the dupes to each other.  These two concealers, the Maybelline Fit Me (Shade 20 Sand) and the SAEM Cover Protection Tip (Shade 1.5) Concealers, are often deemed as dupes for the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer.  How similar are they to each each other and which is the better dupe for the Nars concealer?


Black lids and a doe foot applicator.  That is where the similarities end when it comes to the packaging.  As a dupe, the Maybelline concealer looks very similar to the Nars one, minus the matte texture on the lid.

The slanted doe applicator are both pretty similar.  The Maybelline might be a little smaller.

One of the joys of pulling the applicator out of the Nars concealer is that it always delivers the right amount of product on the tip.  Both the concealers have this mechanism.  However, the Maybelline one is a little messier, maybe due to its more fluid texture.

The other obvious difference is the Maybelline one almost holds double the amount of product as the SAEM one.


Here is where they are more similar.  Both have medium coverage and are buildable.  They do a good job of covering imperfections and acne.  I feel the Nars one has a bit more coverage.

The consistency of the Maybelline concealer is a little bit more fluid then the Nars or SAEM one.  The SAEM one has the thickest consistency so it also lasts the longest and creases the least under the eyes.  Moreover, because it is thicker, you only need a dab to get coverage needed.  So even though there is less product in the tube, you use less.

Shade-wise, Nar definitely has the most shades (10 shades).  Maybelline has 6 shades and the SAEM has only 3.


The SAEM concealer is definitely the cheapest.  You can get it off Amazon for $2.87 USD.  So even if you get the less product, you use less as well.

VERDICT: The Maybelline and SAEM concealers are similar in coverage, but not dupes for each other.  Of the two, Maybelline is the better dupe for the Nars Creamy Concealer in its texture and packaging.  The only difference is probably the coverage, colour selection, and obviously, the price!

Out of all three, I think the Nars one is probably still the best.  However, I think the SAEM concealer is my favourite dupe.  It can get a bit cakey if too much is applied, but wins in the longevity, minimal creasing, and price departments.

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10 thoughts on “Twins or Friends: Maybelline Fit Me and the SAEM Cover Protection Tip Concealers

  1. Thank you for such a detailed post!! (: would you say that maybelline fit me in 20 sand and the saem one in 1.5 are a similar shade match?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! 🙂 I wouldn’t say they are the same shade. 20 Sand is a bit darker and more yellow toned. There is less of a shade choice with the Saem one.


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