Review: the Balm Put a Lid on it Eyelid Primer


So how does the Balm Put a Lid on it Eyelid Primer  compare to the Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base?  That is always the first question I ask when I try a new eyeshadow primer.  The Nars one has been my favourite for a while and nothing comes close to keeping eyeshadow from fading or creasing on my eyelids (if you want to check out other eyeshadow primers I have tried collectively, you can check out my post here).

I will now say something controversial, since I know the Nars one is well-loved, I think I like this one a little better.  All in all, I think they are both great.  I really think it comes down to whether you prefer certain small details in either product.


The Nars primer comes in a tube with a doe-foot applicator and the Balm one comes in a squeeze tube.  Personally, I have always found it hard to get the product out of the Nars tube when you are getting to the end of the product.  I found myself swishing the applicator back and forth in the tube trying to get the product out.

Therefore, the Balm wins in this category because it is easier to squeeze the product out and also to control the amount you want.  Plus, a squeeze tube always seems  a bit more sanitary since you don’t have to continually put the applicator in and out of the tube.


the Balm primer comes out of the tube in a beige paste.  The texture is quite silicony, similar to the  Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer.  On the flip side, the Nars one is more of a cream texture.  They both blend into the skin easily and are invisible when blended into the skin.


With both eyeshadow primers, I apply the product on with the applicator or with my fingers and then blend in with my fingers.  With the Balm primer, you have to wait 1 minute before you apply eyeshadow on top of it.  After the eyeshadow is applied, I feel the eyeshadow blends out even better with the Balm primer.


This is the category which makes these two primers the best I have tried.  Despite having hooded and oily eyelids, both these primers kept powder eyeshadows from fading and creasing all day (well 16 hours minus sleeping time).

I have read on other blogs, like temptalia, that this primer is less effective with cream eyeshadows.  I agree to a certain extent with her review.  For example, my Charlotte Tilsbury cream eyeshadow showed a bit of creasing within a few hours.  However, with certain certain cream eyeshadows, like my Shiseido one, it pretty much stayed on all day, so I am think really depends on the quality of the cream eyeshadow.

VERDICT:  Even though the Nars primer wins a teeny bit in the longevity category, I prefer the Balm’s packaging, application, and how well eyeshadows blend over it.  I think this is my new favourite eyeshadow primer.


8 thoughts on “Review: the Balm Put a Lid on it Eyelid Primer

  1. […] I think blending is the key to beautiful and flawless makeup.  It is the most satisfying feeling being able to see the beautiful graduation of the eyeshadow fading into nothing. Actually, I love blending everything: contour, highlight, and blush.  I love it all!  My favourite blending brush for many years is actually a crease brush from the Sephora Professional line.  It is super soft and just the right size to blend out those sharp edges.  I also find that a good primer helps the blending too.  My favourite lately is the the Balm Put a Lid on It Eye Primer. […]


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