Sunscreen: Coola vs. Suntegrity

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I flipped the Coola sunscreen over because the lettering was rubbing off.

Since sunscreen is the best defense against aging, I try to be pretty religious about applying it daily on my face.  I am a big lover of Japanese sunscreens, which are super lightweight and great under makeup.  However, lately, I have trying out some less “chemically” sunscreens I discovered from the Detox Market website.  Just a little background from their website, it is a store that sells “pure products” with “safe, glowing ingredients.”

Today, I am going to compare the Coola Face SPF 30 Cucumber Matte Finish (not sure if this is discontinued because it is not on the Coola website anymore, they have a similar product called the Face SPF 30 Unscented Matte Tint) and the Suntegrity Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen & Primer.


Both of these products have organic ingredients, but Coola states that all their products are at least 70% organic.  Suntegrity emphasizes that their sunscreen is not toxic and “UV Chemical Free”, whereas Coola uses the word “natural” more as their main selling point.  Both are also mineral sunscreens (Coola 3.2% titanium oxide and 1.8% zinc oxide and Suntegrity 20% zinc oxide).

Both also emphasize their skin care benefits in their products as both contain antioxidants and skin beneficial ingredients such as rosehip oil (Coola) and aloe vera (Suntegrity).


They both contain exactly the same amount of product (1.7 oz/50 mL).  The Coola sunscreen ($36 USD) is a bit cheaper than the Suntegrity one ($45 USD).


This is the category where these products are so different!  The Coola sunscreen almost has a light, airy, and almost whipped texture.  It blends into the skin pretty quickly and doesn’t leave any hint of a white cast.  It leaves the skin matte, obviously hence the name, and also pretty dry to the touch.  The only drawbacks are that it will ball up upon application over certain skincare and you have to shake it up quite a bit or else it will separate when dispensed.

Actually, the reason I decided to switch sunscreens was that the Coola sunscreen starting balling up into little bits when applied over my skincare (shara shara Honey Bomb All In One Ampoule). The application of the Suntegrity sunscreen is completely opposite to the Coola one.  It is a thick cream (maybe due to the higher amount of active ingredients in it) that it takes quite a while to blend in and definitely leaves a bit more of a white cast when applied.  It is also more tacky and doesn’t really completely dry down throughout the day.


One other huge difference is that the Suntegrity sunscreen has a pretty strong scent and the scent lingers for a few hours or more.  I feel it smells like creamsicles.  I am pretty sensitive to scent, and it took a while to get used the scent.  It still bothers me a little till this day.  On the other hand, the Coola has the “unscented” scent (haha) with a hint of cucumber maybe.  It definitely doesn’t linger.


Both of these last quite a long time on the skin.  I would say the Suntegrity sunscreen lasts a bit longer since it is also touted as a primer.  Even though the Coola websites says that this sunscreen will give a “line-blurring finish,” I feel like Suntegrity will even blur out your pores more maybe due to the thicker formula.  Also, because of the thicker formula, I feel it is a bit more moisturizing.

VERDICT:  I think both of these sunscreens are quite good.   Both have their pros and cons.  If I had to pick, I would probably choose the Suntegrity one, but I really had to get used to the scent.


Versatile Blogger Award


Thank you to the lovely blogger Alice for generously nominating me for this award.  Alice’s blog My Cheesecake is super adorable and informative. I would highly recommend taking the time to go take a look.  I am so grateful for everyone who reads my blog.  It has truly been a source of happiness in my day to day life.  Thank you!  🙂


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7 Facts About Me

  1. I started blogging as a form of therapy for my anxiety and also because there is nothing more I love talking about then beauty.  Since this month is Mental Health Awareness Month, I would tell you a little about my story.  I started to have rough patch with my anxiety a few months ago and my partner suggested I start a blog.  It has been such a wonderful idea.  Instead of ruminating about stressors in my life, I often will think about what I should post next on my blog.  I just wanted to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has read my blog.  You have all given my strength to continue fighting.  Furthermore, if you are suffering from mental health issues right now, please don’t be afraid to ask for help.  You are not alone.
  2. I watch beauty videos on Youtube more than I watch television.  I love it, but sometimes I can’t join in on conversations about television shows, especially Game of Thrones. 🙂
  3. Lately, I have started really loving growing and propagating succulents.  Who knew I could have a green thumb?
  4. I love dessert!  I can’t think of a dessert I dislike.
  5. I started running, and even though I can barely run 5 minutes, I am enjoying the challenge.
  6. My favourite type of food is Italian.  I love spaghetti!
  7. My favourite time of the day is the time right before sunset.

I would like to nominate:

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Thanks for reading! 🙂

Review: Ryo Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo for Sensitive Scalp


My hair and scalp have been the bane of my beauty routines.  I have a super sensitive scalp that will easily become itchy and flaky without proper care.  Not only that, I feel like this has contributed to some hair loss over the years.

Over the years, I feel like I have tried every anti-dandruff shampoo out there, with some working for a while, some not at all, and some that were just too strong.  The only two that I felt worked for me for a while were from Ducray and Kerastase.  I have also tried some more natural and organic brands, like Ruhua and John Masters Organic, and they have not helped as well.

So today, I am really happy to talk about a shampoo that has worked really well for me for the last half year.  It hasn’t gotten rid of every flake off my head, but it has definitely kept it in control at least.  The product I’m talk about is the Ryo Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo for Sensitive Scalp.  I notice that it is quite easy to get from Asian supermarkets in North America.

This is a Korean brand, so I haven’t been able to get too much information from their website.  Just from reading other reviews and websites, I know that this a hair brand that uses mostly Asian herbal ingredients in their formula.  Just from Google translating the back of the bottle.  Some of the ingredients I could make out include ginseng, licorice, black bean extract, and honey.


It definitely smells like Asian herbal medicine.  The scent is quite strong and takes some getting used to in the beginning.  It is a light brown colour with specks of dark brown pieces suspended in it, which I presume are the ground up Asian herbs.


I have medium to long hair and I use about more than a quarter size of the shampoo.  I feel like it suds up a little less than some other shampoos.  The herbal scent is very prominent when you wash your hair, but I feel like it disappears like within an hour afterwards.


After you dry you hair, it is very soft and light.  You hair doesn’t feel weighted down at all.  With this shampoo, I don’t have to wash my hair for up to three days.  Usually, by the third day, I am usually using dry shampoo.  My scalp also has been pretty happy.  There is a decrease in flakes, and I haven’t had a major itchy scalp and dandruff flareup for a while.  Does it minimize hair loss?  I would say yes, just being seeing the amount of hair on the floor (I used to have to sweep the floor for hair way more often)

VERDICT:  Definitely one of my favourite shampoos lately.  Great for if you have problems with dandruff, oily scalp, and hair loss.  You will get used to the scent too after a while!

Review: Burt’s Bees Lipstick in Lily Lake


I am super lazy with lipstick.  However, every once in a while, I will decide to buy a lipstick hoping that one day I will catch the lipstick bug.  To be honest, I wear it so infrequently, that when I do wear it, it just seems like a little too much sometimes.  However, lately, I have been really loving this Burt’s Bees Lipstick in Lily Lake.  I find myself putting on lipstick because of it.

These are some of the reasons that I am really enjoying this lipstick:


It is so moisturizing!

Even though you might have dry and flaky patches, this will glide over them.  From their website, it has moringa and raspberry seed oils that “soften and condition you lips all day long.”  I find that with this lipstick, every time you pressed your lips together, it felt really moisturizing, almost like a lip balm.  This is possibly why I enjoy putting it on so much.

I must say though, that it doesn’t last all day on my lips.  This is definitely not a long-lasting liquid lipstick.  It will last a few hours and will not last through eating.  However, if you top it up a few times during the day, the pigmentation will continue to build on the lips, and it is still there most of the day.

It smells really good!

It smells like berries when you put it on.  The great thing for me, since I am sensitive to scents, is that it doesn’t linger.

It is really pigmented!


It seems like beauty lovers are always saying this, but having used quite a few of Burt’s Bee’s lip products, this is one of the most pigmented products they have produced.  I have quite pigmented lips to begin with, and considering this colour is like a “my lips but better” type of colour, it really showed up on my lips.  It comes in 14 shades, so there is a lot to pick from.

The finish starts off as more of a satin, but as the day wears on, I would say it is more matte.

It has a nice “click” when you close the tube!

I find that this is always a nice touch.  There is always something satisfying about packaging that “clicks” nicely when closed.  The packaging is made from recycled plastic and has a nice honeycomb design on the side.

VERDICT:  My new favourite lipstick from someone that doesn’t really wear lipstick much.  I really want to get more!

5 Favourite Feelings (Beauty-Related)

Hank Green, a well-known Youtuber, created this video a while back about his 15 favourite feelings.  My favourite Youtubers, Claire Marshall and Estee Lalonde also did their own versions.  I just loved watching these videos because their picks allow you a little window into their soul.

Moreover, I thought it was such a lovely idea because there are really only a limited number of words you can use to describe a specific feeling.  Sometimes, “happy” or “sad” are not enough to completely encompass all the facets of a feeling.  However, certain feelings associated with certain moments will instantly spark a connection with others.

Since my blog is mainly about beauty, I thought I would talk about my top 5 favourite feelings about beauty.

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1 – Looking at the beautiful packaging of an unopened beauty product

An unopened box is almost an unopened Christmas present. The joy is in the anticipation of what is inside. Even though I often know what is inside, I like to keep products insider their box for a little while.  There is so much design put into the packaging that it seems a waste to recycle it right away.  Plus, they make such beautiful accessories standing on your desk or vanity table.  Lately, I have been loving the all white packaging from ILIA Beauty and RMS Beauty.

2 – Perfectly blending out eyeshadow

I think blending is the key to beautiful and flawless makeup.  It is the most satisfying feeling being able to see the beautiful graduation of the eyeshadow fading into nothing. Actually, I love blending everything: contour, highlight, and blush.  I love it all!  My favourite blending brush for many years is actually a crease brush from the Sephora Professional line.  It is super soft and just the right size to blend out those sharp edges.  I also find that a good primer helps the blending too.  My favourite lately is the the Balm Put a Lid on It Eye Primer.

3 – Applying eye makeup 

Coffret D’or Soft Glamourous Eyes in 03

I love anything that is “paint-by-numbers.”  I love knitting, puzzles, and origami.  Basically, I enjoy following steps until you complete something.  I love the process and completing the final product.  The steps of primer, eyeshadow application, and liner are like a puzzle to me.  I enjoy preforming each step till I am finished the whole look.  That is why I have enjoyed Coffret D’Or‘s eyeshadow palettes all these years.  I love seeing what look they have each year and following the corresponding eyeshadow chart.

4 – Hearing the clicking sound when closing a compact

I think this a favourite of many beauty lovers.  Lately, I have been really enjoying opening and closing the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed.  🙂

5 – Perfectly drawing liqiud eyeliner with one try

As you can tell, I love doing eye makeup.  I wish I felt the same way about lipstick.  This one is related to #3.  Liquid eyeliner is hard to master without a lot of practice.  A day you get your liquid eyeliner right is a good day.  My favourite liquid eyeliner, which I have mentioned many times, is the msh Love Liner Liquid.

What are your favourite beauty feelings?

Review: Momotani Tinker Wink in Gold

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Personally, I wasn’t sure about this product, but the packaging looked so cute, I just had to try it.  This is an entirely new concept to me because I don’t own any products like this at all.  The Momotani Tinker Wink in Gold is from a Japanese brand and is an eyeshadow pen designed to be used on the fleshy part you might have under your eyes.  It was popularized in Korea where they found emphasizing that area, which they call the “aeygo sal” area, made them look cuter.


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The packaging is super cute.  It comes in a beige plastic tube with gold accents printed on it.  You twist the product to open it and reveal a pointed sponge applicator.  As you twist the product open and close, the sponge applicator will continually pick up the compressed powder product which is in the cap.


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As you twist open the product, it will pick up some of the powder in the lid on the sponge applicator. When applied on the aeygo area, it comes out as a light gold powder. This is definitely a subtle look. The powder gives off a diffused subtle sheen.  If you want to build up more colour, you can dab more from the lid, and apply a second layer.  You really don’t have to worry about making a mistake here because even if you apply to too much you can easily dab it off.

I have tried it on the aegyo area and also as an inner corner highlight.  It looks super cute in the aegyo area, but I think it probably takes someone super adorable to totally pull it off well.  Plus, my aegyo area is not that fleshy.  However, as an inner corner highlight, it might be a bit too subtle.


On me, the intensity of the colour lasted for a few hours before it faded into a subtle shimmer, which is kind of nice.

VERDICT: A lovely product if you want to try the “aegyo” look or just enjoy having a soft shimmer under your eyes.

Side Note:  I have to republish several times before my tags will show up.  Anyone else have this problem.

Summer Essentials Haul

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I must admit I am not a summer person.  I much prefer fall.  I don’t enjoy being sweaty and hot.  However, I must say I love finding an excuse to purchase some summer essentials. These are just some of things I purchased recently because I really needed them.  🙂

ILIA Moondance Powder with SPF 20

I first heard about this powder through the lovely blog The Healthy Haus and when I saw it in the store, I just had to get it.  I find that it is really difficult to top up your SPF every two hours especially if you are already wearing foundation.  This has a twist-up brush which dispenses the powder from the tubular container (great to bring on the go).  The packaging is beautiful, and it is also supposed to bring some luminosity to the skin.  Plus, it is great to use simply as a powder to take some of shine away during the day.

Juice Beauty SPF 8 Lip Moisturizers

I think a lip balm with SPF is always a good thing to have during the summer.  I decided to try these from Juice Beauty.  They come in a pack of three shades: Naturally Clear, Playful (a rosy shade), and Joyful (dusty pink shade).  They smell like berries and provide a bit of a tint to the lips.

schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Stick in Bergamot + Lime

I have been really into natural deodorants the last few years and this deodorant usually comes in a jar.  I just recently found out that they came out with a stick version. The jar version is a little fussy in that you had to dip your fingers in to grab a small amount and massage into your armpit area.  This deodorant is great for every day use and stands up pretty well even if you walking around casually on a summer day.  On initial application, clumps to go off the stick, so you do sometimes have to massage it in.

RMS Beauty Nail Polish in Honest

To be honest, I haven’t worn nail polish all that much the last few years.  I used to be a nail fanatic and wore nail polish all the time.  However, my nails got so weak and breakable that I went on a detox and never looked back.  Since sandal season has started, I can’t help craving a bit of colour on my toe nails.  I actually didn’t know that RMS Beauty made nail polish.  Each colour in this 6-free formula matches a shade in their collection.  So far, it smells like regular nail polish, but the salesperson told me that the formula is non-toxic. She said that is really difficult to find a natural nail polish with good performance.

Badger Kids Sunscreen Cream SPF 30

For sunscreen, I figured that I since I am applying it all over my body, I usually choose something natural.  This product is certified natural and 98% organic.  This is actually a repurchase.  Even though this sunscreen is for kids, I bought this sunscreen last year and loved the creamsicle scent.  It is quite a thick cream and takes a little more time to blend it. Otherwise, I really enjoy it!

Karma Naturals Nail Polish Remover

I was introduced to this nail polish remover by the salesperson that sold me the rms Nail Polish.  I find that all non-toxic nail polishes pretty much still smell like nail polish. However, this is such interesting experience because it is primarily soybean oil based, so it doesn’t smell or feel like more traditional nail polish remover.  It totally works though!  I haven’t tried it on other nail polishes, but since it also moisturizes the nails, it is a lovely new addition to my collection.

Review: Becca Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector Peach

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As colour correcting has been a big trend lately, instead of getting the yellow-based corrector I usually get, I thought I would give Becca’s Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector in Peach a try. Having used it for a few weeks, I think it is time to talk about what I think about it.  As a side note, I also felt especially validated that I had picked the right corrector to try when I saw Lisa Eldridge, a well-known makeup artist, use it in her amazing East Meets West Makeup Tutorial video.

According to the Becca website, this peach corrector is supposed to neutralize dark circles and hyperpigmentation.  The formula also has light-reflecting pearls that are supposed to add “subtle luminiosity that help to blur imperfections.”  There are 3 other colours (pistachio, violet, and papaya) in the collection that target other areas.


This comes in a beautiful glass tub with a black twistable lid with Becca’s design.



The texture is very creamy, like many concealers and correctors that come in a tub.  Colour-wise, I feel that it is more orange then peach.


Becca suggests that you lightly pat it into the areas that need colour correcting and then apply foundation and/or concealer over it.  You can apply it with fingers and pat it in or use a brush (which is what Lisa Eldrige did), and then pat it in.  As Lisa Eldridge talked about in her video, use sparingly.  I didn’t know that at first and the concealer I applied on top started blending in with the corrector!  Since you do have to control the amount you use, I do feel using a brush makes the application more specific.  Moreover, you really don’t need it everywhere, just on the darkest areas.


Did it neutralize my dark circles?  Yes and no.  I feel like if you have light to medium dark circles, it does neutralize them.  However, if you have pretty dark circles, I didn’t feel like it completely neutralized the colour.  I am not sure if it had to do with the amount applied or that it probably works better with blue-toned undereye circles (mine are more purple-based).  I actually looked up the colour wheel and since this corrector tends to be more on the orange side, it would be better at neutralizing blues.  Lastly, I have tried it with different concealers on top, and seems to cause a little bit of creasing, so definitely powder.

VERDICT:  This a good colour corrector for light to medium dark circles, possibly with a more blue-based tone.  It is also a good choice if you are looking for a corrector that applies thinly before concealer.

Review: Etude House Play 101 Pencils #6 and #49

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The Etude House Play 101 Pencils have been reviewed quite a bit already.  However, I feel that since there are 50 pencils in the collection, I thought it would still be useful to review the performance of the different textures in the collection.  Plus, I have had these pencils for a while, and have been using them quite regularly, so I thought I could give a more detailed review.

On their website, it states that the pencils can be used on the “lips, eyes, and cheeks etc.”  They come in 5 different textures: creamy, matte, glossy, shimmering, and glitter.  Today, I am going to compare two pencils with different textures.  #6 is one from the “shimmering” category and #49 is in the “creamy” category.  These are twist-up pencils that come with a sharpener at the end of the pencil.


I also have #50 which is like a very dark maroon.  However, I don’t own it anymore because it has dried out.  It was so dark that I pretty much used it in place of a black eyeliner.  I mentioned my thoughts on it briefly in my eyeliner history post.  In brief, it was a beautiful eyeliner that glided easily on the eyelid and lasted all day.  The only con was that it was so creamy that it became difficult to sharpen as it got all “mushy.”  It dried out towards the end as well.


#49 Creamy

Since it is in the creamy range, this pencil is very similar in texture to the #50 I mentioned above.  It is a pigmented, dark matte brown perfect for everyday wear.  The pencil glides over the eyelid easily and stays put all day.  I even wore my swatches while showering and they stayed on.  Unlike #50, I found that this eyeliner was not as creamy as #50, and didn’t have the problem of it get really hard to sharpen.  An added bonus is that it hasn’t dried up like #50 on me.

#6 Shimmering

I am less a fan of this eye pencil.  It is a metallic champagne colour.  I guess, since it is not in the creamy line, it doesn’t glide as easily on the eyelid or underneath of the eye.  Initially, I thought this would be great liner for highlighting the inner corner of the eye or under the eye, Korean “aeygo” style.  However, this liner does not blend out well and can be patchy, which doesn’t make for a very beautiful highlight.  Lastly, like #49, this one also didn’t dry up on me either.

VERDICT:  These are great liners for the price.   I think I prefer ones from the creamy line more than the shimmering one, but just be aware of the creamy ones being “too creamy” and possibly drying out.

5 Minute Face


What would you wear on your face if you had 5 minutes?  I love to spend my time and put on full face of makeup.  However, that rarely happens in the morning when I am getting ready to go to work.  These are the products I will often use when I don’t have very much time.  They apply quickly and most of them last quite a long time.

No matter how rushed I am, I will always do my morning skincare routine.  So these are just the makeup items I use afterwards.

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder

If you are in a rush, I feel like mineral powder is always the quickest to apply.  You just tap some into the lid and swirl onto your face and you’re done.  Plus, since it is already powder, you can kind of skip a step, and not apply face powder.  Although, sometimes, I do have to blot in the middle of the day depending on the time of year.

Other than it being quick, this is one of my all-time favourite base products.  For a mineral powder, it is quite glowy.  It also has really good coverage and never looks cakey.  Even when I am not in rush, I love to use it for an everyday face, and especially in the summer when I don’t feel like wearing heavy liquid foundation.  An added bonus is that it is a “clean” product, it is one of the desert island picks, from a well-known natural beauty blog called No More Dirty Looks.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

This product needs no introduction, because it is such a dependable product.  If you don’t have the time do the whole corrector then concealer undereye routine.  It has such good coverage that it works great in covering my dark undereye circles.  Plus, an added bonus is that it barely creases throughout the day on me.

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hr Cream Gel Eyeshadow in Bad to the Bronze

I am a daily eyeshadow primer girl.  Nothing stays put on bare eyelids for more than a few hours.  I have tried many cream eyeshadows, but till this day, this is the only one that lasts on me.  Without primer, it almost last me an entire day.  It is truly like a “tattoo.”  However, I always find the amazing thing with this product is that it isn’t too hard to remove, and super easy to remove with a dual-phase makeup remover.

This is a well-loved product and I won’t go too much into how it is a look in one,a  very flattering colour, and blends out well.  The only con is it dries out pretty fast in the pot, so I think I am on my third one.

Clinique Quickliner for Eyes in New Black

This pencil eyeliner in this particular shade has been a long time favourite.  Pencil eyeliners are always a little bit more forgiving the liquid ones, so this is a good pick for fast makeup.  Plus, this liner lasts on me almost all day and because the shade is not “the blackest black,” even if there is a little smudging it is not as obvious.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous Light

Yes, I know this is a bit crazy, I could have picked mascara or maybe brows, but I think I am addicted to highlighter.  I don’t want to leave the house without it.  Like many, I love Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop.  However, you do have to watch how much you apply and have to blend it out a bit.  With the Ambient Lighting Powders, they look great without blending and give you just the right amount of subtle luminosity on your cheekbones.

What are your makeup picks when you only have 5 minutes?