Review: Becca Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector Peach

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As colour correcting has been a big trend lately, instead of getting the yellow-based corrector I usually get, I thought I would give Becca’s Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector in Peach a try. Having used it for a few weeks, I think it is time to talk about what I think about it.  As a side note, I also felt especially validated that I had picked the right corrector to try when I saw Lisa Eldridge, a well-known makeup artist, use it in her amazing East Meets West Makeup Tutorial video.

According to the Becca website, this peach corrector is supposed to neutralize dark circles and hyperpigmentation.  The formula also has light-reflecting pearls that are supposed to add “subtle luminiosity that help to blur imperfections.”  There are 3 other colours (pistachio, violet, and papaya) in the collection that target other areas.


This comes in a beautiful glass tub with a black twistable lid with Becca’s design.



The texture is very creamy, like many concealers and correctors that come in a tub.  Colour-wise, I feel that it is more orange then peach.


Becca suggests that you lightly pat it into the areas that need colour correcting and then apply foundation and/or concealer over it.  You can apply it with fingers and pat it in or use a brush (which is what Lisa Eldrige did), and then pat it in.  As Lisa Eldridge talked about in her video, use sparingly.  I didn’t know that at first and the concealer I applied on top started blending in with the corrector!  Since you do have to control the amount you use, I do feel using a brush makes the application more specific.  Moreover, you really don’t need it everywhere, just on the darkest areas.


Did it neutralize my dark circles?  Yes and no.  I feel like if you have light to medium dark circles, it does neutralize them.  However, if you have pretty dark circles, I didn’t feel like it completely neutralized the colour.  I am not sure if it had to do with the amount applied or that it probably works better with blue-toned undereye circles (mine are more purple-based).  I actually looked up the colour wheel and since this corrector tends to be more on the orange side, it would be better at neutralizing blues.  Lastly, I have tried it with different concealers on top, and seems to cause a little bit of creasing, so definitely powder.

VERDICT:  This a good colour corrector for light to medium dark circles, possibly with a more blue-based tone.  It is also a good choice if you are looking for a corrector that applies thinly before concealer.


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