Review: Momotani Tinker Wink in Gold

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Personally, I wasn’t sure about this product, but the packaging looked so cute, I just had to try it.  This is an entirely new concept to me because I don’t own any products like this at all.  The Momotani Tinker Wink in Gold is from a Japanese brand and is an eyeshadow pen designed to be used on the fleshy part you might have under your eyes.  It was popularized in Korea where they found emphasizing that area, which they call the “aeygo sal” area, made them look cuter.


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The packaging is super cute.  It comes in a beige plastic tube with gold accents printed on it.  You twist the product to open it and reveal a pointed sponge applicator.  As you twist the product open and close, the sponge applicator will continually pick up the compressed powder product which is in the cap.


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As you twist open the product, it will pick up some of the powder in the lid on the sponge applicator. When applied on the aeygo area, it comes out as a light gold powder. This is definitely a subtle look. The powder gives off a diffused subtle sheen.  If you want to build up more colour, you can dab more from the lid, and apply a second layer.  You really don’t have to worry about making a mistake here because even if you apply to too much you can easily dab it off.

I have tried it on the aegyo area and also as an inner corner highlight.  It looks super cute in the aegyo area, but I think it probably takes someone super adorable to totally pull it off well.  Plus, my aegyo area is not that fleshy.  However, as an inner corner highlight, it might be a bit too subtle.


On me, the intensity of the colour lasted for a few hours before it faded into a subtle shimmer, which is kind of nice.

VERDICT: A lovely product if you want to try the “aegyo” look or just enjoy having a soft shimmer under your eyes.

Side Note:  I have to republish several times before my tags will show up.  Anyone else have this problem.

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