5 Favourite Feelings (Beauty-Related)

Hank Green, a well-known Youtuber, created this video a while back about his 15 favourite feelings.  My favourite Youtubers, Claire Marshall and Estee Lalonde also did their own versions.  I just loved watching these videos because their picks allow you a little window into their soul.

Moreover, I thought it was such a lovely idea because there are really only a limited number of words you can use to describe a specific feeling.  Sometimes, “happy” or “sad” are not enough to completely encompass all the facets of a feeling.  However, certain feelings associated with certain moments will instantly spark a connection with others.

Since my blog is mainly about beauty, I thought I would talk about my top 5 favourite feelings about beauty.

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1 – Looking at the beautiful packaging of an unopened beauty product

An unopened box is almost an unopened Christmas present. The joy is in the anticipation of what is inside. Even though I often know what is inside, I like to keep products insider their box for a little while.  There is so much design put into the packaging that it seems a waste to recycle it right away.  Plus, they make such beautiful accessories standing on your desk or vanity table.  Lately, I have been loving the all white packaging from ILIA Beauty and RMS Beauty.

2 – Perfectly blending out eyeshadow

I think blending is the key to beautiful and flawless makeup.  It is the most satisfying feeling being able to see the beautiful graduation of the eyeshadow fading into nothing. Actually, I love blending everything: contour, highlight, and blush.  I love it all!  My favourite blending brush for many years is actually a crease brush from the Sephora Professional line.  It is super soft and just the right size to blend out those sharp edges.  I also find that a good primer helps the blending too.  My favourite lately is the the Balm Put a Lid on It Eye Primer.

3 – Applying eye makeup 

Coffret D’or Soft Glamourous Eyes in 03

I love anything that is “paint-by-numbers.”  I love knitting, puzzles, and origami.  Basically, I enjoy following steps until you complete something.  I love the process and completing the final product.  The steps of primer, eyeshadow application, and liner are like a puzzle to me.  I enjoy preforming each step till I am finished the whole look.  That is why I have enjoyed Coffret D’Or‘s eyeshadow palettes all these years.  I love seeing what look they have each year and following the corresponding eyeshadow chart.

4 – Hearing the clicking sound when closing a compact

I think this a favourite of many beauty lovers.  Lately, I have been really enjoying opening and closing the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed.  🙂

5 – Perfectly drawing liqiud eyeliner with one try

As you can tell, I love doing eye makeup.  I wish I felt the same way about lipstick.  This one is related to #3.  Liquid eyeliner is hard to master without a lot of practice.  A day you get your liquid eyeliner right is a good day.  My favourite liquid eyeliner, which I have mentioned many times, is the msh Love Liner Liquid.

What are your favourite beauty feelings?

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