Will it Make the Podium?: D. U. P. Silky Liquid Eyeliner Review


When I do top 3 or top 10 blog posts, it almost feels like an Olympic sport.  The next fastest speed or in this case, the next best preforming product will knock someone off the podium.  Today, I am going to talk about the D. U. P. Silky Liquid Eyeliner.  This eyeliner is made by a Japanese brand more known for their eyelash glue and eyeliners.  I only knew about this eyeliner’s existence when I saw it at my local Asian beauty store.  It had a “Cosme #1” (Japanese beauty rating site) sticker on it, so I had to give it a try.

It is a little hard to get hold of out of Asia.  I found a seller on Amazon.

So right now who is on the podium?

Goldmsh Love Liner Liquid

SilverKat Von D Tattoo Liner

BronzeKiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner

To decide whether the D. U. P. Silky Liquid Eyeliner deserves a medal,  I am going to put it through some rigorous testing.  Here are all the criteria that I look for in a liquid eyeliner:



The packaging of the D. U. P. liner is super simple, just a  black plastic tube.  It has the similar brush tip as many Asian liquid eyeliners.  Not that I am huge fan of fancy packaging, but compared to the other lines on the podium, it is definitely a little lacking in this area.  Furthermore, it doesn’t have the special mechanism in the cap like Love Liner and Kat Von D do to prevent the liner from drying out.


It is super black with a tiny big of sheen.  Pigmentation is comparable to the other three on the podium.


This is a category where it falls a little below Love Liner and Kat Von D Liners.  In the beginning, this eyeliner was too watery and too much came out of the tip so I found it really hard to control.  When it dried out, the application was a lot smoother.

However, I feel that a liquid eyeliner has to be consistent in its application for it be considered great in my books.  Sometimes, with the D. U. P. eyeliner, the liquid doesn’t also continuously flow or might not reach the tip.  Furthermore, sometimes it will be hard to reapply again on top of liner which has already been applied. Surprisingly though, sometimes, the application would be almost as great as my favourite Love Liner.


This liner definitely lasts as long as the Love Liner and Kat Von D liners.  For me, the smudging usually happens on the outer wing after like a 8 hour work day.  By the end of the night, most of the liner was still there, except for a little on the bottom of the outer wing.  Pretty impressive.


So does it make it onto the podium?  I think it will!  I going to give it a bronze medal!  It definitely is lacking a bit in the packaging and application department.  However, it definitely beats out the Heroine Make eyeliner in terms of longevity and application, so I going to have to sadly dethrone the Heroine Make eyeliner to an honourable mention.


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