Recent Korean Beauty Haul


My love for Korean beauty continues to flourish!  I am especially in love with their skincare because many of their products give such instant results.  As per my last empties post, I simultaneously ran out of several items in my skincare routine so I needed to stock up again.  I am still love ordering from the Glow Recipe, which stocks a curated selection of natural Korean skincare products.  Plus, I also purchased a few makeup items from Missha which I will talk about at the end.

Whamisa Organics Flowers Water Cream


This is a repurchase.  I had been using some heavier moisturizers and felt it was time to switch to something lighter in the summer.  This is a great moisturizer for the summer because it absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel tacky at all.   The scent is quite subtle as well.   Plus, it just has a great list organic ingredients that have been fermented, which seems to be a popular and effective technique used in a lot of Korean skincare.

LJH Vita Propolis Ampoule


I already use essence, lotion, moisturizer, and an eye cream.  Did I really need to up the anti and do the complete the entire multi-step Korean skincare routine?  Probably not, but I couldn’t help myself.  This ampoule promised to bring back the glow in your skin and at my age, it sounded like a good idea.  Plus, it was always in the top 5 of Glow Recipe’s bestsellers, so I had to give it a try. Packed with 50% propolis and 20% multivitamins, it absorbs quickly and is non-sticky.  Can’t wait to also try it mixed in with a foundation for the additional glow factor.

Missha Dewy Glossy Eyes in Honey Roast



I am always on the lookout for a champagny or light gold metallic eyeshadow, like Stila’s Kitten, because they are great for a quick all-over shade for an everyday look.  Another great option is Shu Uemura’s Pressed Eye Shadow in ME Light Beige 825.  So I was getting some CosRX skincare for my sister’s birthday present, and spotted these Missha eye shadows online with a light gold shade. First impressions is that it is definitely not as pigmented as I hoped and has more of a puddy texture.  I think it will serve more as a glittery overlay and is really more glittery than glossy, so I am a little disappointed.

Missha The Style Defining Blusher in PK03


I have grown to love blush so much.  I used to be totally an eyeliner girl, but recently I have begun to really appreciate the power of blush.  It can easily make you look more awake and your face more dimensional.  When this blush arrived in the mail, I was amazed at how pretty the packaging was.  For a roadside brand in Korea, the packaging was made of a sturdy plastic with crystal-like etchings on the bottom.  The blush is a dusty pink, which is right up my street.  Plus, it smells great as well.


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  1. Have you ever tried the Banila Co Clean it Zero cleanser? Always wondered if it’s as good as everyone says. Loved your post! 🙂


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