I Am Just Not into These Beauty Products


These are just a few products that are definitely not in my reject pile because I pick them up to use once in a while.  However, I just don’t use them on an everyday basis and haven’t gotten rid of them because their price tag.  These products all have traits that I enjoy about them, but I just have products that I enjoy more.

Of course, just because they don’t work for me, doesn’t mean that they won’t for you.  For me, the these two products did not work mostly because of my oily and watery eyes.  If you don’t have this problem, they might work out great for you.

I am sure for many beauty lovers there are some products that you want to love and it is totally heartbreaking when they don’t work out.  I kind of like to think of it like Aiden from Sex in the City (don’t know if any of the younger bloggers about this show).  He was the perfect guy, but just not for Carrie.  This is how I feel about the By Terry Ombre Blackstars.  There is so much “right” going for this product, but it is just not what I’m into.

By Terry Ombre Blackstar “Color Fix” Cream Eye Shadow in 13 Brown Perfection


I had so much hope that this product would be great because quite of a few of the British beauty Youtubers talk about how great it is.  Let’s start with the things that are to love about this product. The packaging is beautiful and sturdy and the twist-up pen is convenient.  It comes in this beautiful gold tubular packaging and has a lovely click when you close it.  The shade of the product is also reflected in the stripe on the bottom of the pen.

The two main selling points for this product is that it creates a radiant shine on your lids and is also waterproof.  On these selling points, I concur with and I think the shades are just shimmeringly beautiful.  This is a good product, but, the one big but for me, is that they are not crease-proof.  No matter what primer I use, it will always crease on me within a few hours.  After a full day of work, half of the product is gone from my eyelids.  Plus, I hate to say this, I find the dabbing on the eyelid with a eyeshadow crayon and then blending with a brush or finger kind of fussy.  I find dabbing with a finger from a pot and then blending faster.

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in Uptown Girl

Note: I didn’t take a picture of the inside of the palette because mine is pretty dusty, but click the link above to see the colours in the palette.

4th shimmering gold overlay shade not swatched

I know that Charlotte Tilbury is much loved and I am sad to report that I don’t use this palette a whole lot.  I thought this palette would be great for everyday with it’s taupe and grey shades.  However, it was a lot more shimmery than expected.

The colours all swatch beautifully on the hand and are soft and blendable.  I hate to say this, but on the eyes I find that they are not as pigmented.  The shades do work harmoniously together as created by Charlotte Tilsbury.  However, over the course of the day though, the colours start to fade and all that is left is a shimmering grey all over wash of colour.  Lastly, I find they do have a bit of fall-out and do crease without a primer on me, and even with a primer will crease by the end of a work day.

Are their any products in your collection that you wished your were more into but just can’t throw away yet?


11 thoughts on “I Am Just Not into These Beauty Products

  1. Ah, so many eyeliners and shadows that claim to be waterproof or -resistant and just aren’t. I don’t really get the hype over Tata Harper. I’ve tried a few of their products, and they were just ok. But seriously, if you’re going to spend that much money on a serum, it should be amazing. I had to give up on one because it just pilled like crazy. I love your blog, its name, and its tagline, btw, in case I didn’t mention it before.

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    1. Yeah, I see what you mean about Tata Harper. Performance-wise, I don’t feel they are the best. I guess, in the Western beauty world, they are considered one of the top organic brands. Thank you for saying that about my blog name, that is so nice of you. I think you are doing some amazing work for Composure magazine! That is such a fun job! 🙂


  2. I have been hearing some negative things about product quality with CT lately. I can’t comment since I own ONE lipstick. Not in stores here in the US that I can find so I don’t buy her stuff. But people have complained about the new mascara too. That’s a real bummer on the CT shadow palette. =( The colors do look gorgeous in the palette though.

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    1. Oh really, that is nice to know. I haven’t had much luck with any of her products so far. I also bought an eyeshadow stick and it creased on me. The products look gorgeous, but might have to wait a bit before I get more. Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

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  3. I wrote some time ago about beauty products that just didn’t work for me. I kind of feel bad if I don’t like something but then again, I can’t like everything. Great post! 😊

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