Mission: Find a New Micellar Water


So my Avène Micellar Lotion is on its last legs and it is time to find a new micellar water. The Avène one has served me well, but as a beauty blogger it is my mission to find new products to review.  Plus, I feel like I was wasting the “lotion” part of this product by double-cleansing everyday.

It seems like since I first discovered micellar water a few years, I can’t go back.  They are just so refreshing and lightweight!  It also just makes me feel like I am doing a better job of removing everything off my face by doing the double cleansing step after removing with micellar water.  The only con for me all these years is that micellar water is just not so great at removing smudgeproof and waterproof makeup.

Just a little history about what micellar waters I have tried over the years.  The first one I tried was, of course, the cult favourite, Bioderma.  I tried the regular version first and it really stung my eyes.  Then, I switched to the pink one which is for sensitive skin and it still stings my eyes.  However, I just loved it so much for removing my face makeup, I kept on using it.  It felt refreshing on the skin and was scentless, which was always a plus for me. With regards to the Avène Micellar Lotion, it is great alternative to Bioderma.  It does not effect my eyes as much and your skin feels moisturized and “bouncy” after you use it.  It does have a scent though and like Bioderma, is not great a removing smudgeproof and waterproof makeup.

So I am thinking of getting a higher end one and a drugstore one to compare this time for a future blogpost.  For the drugstore option, I have decided to get the Garnier one.  There is just too much hype aroudn it not to give it a try.  I just don’t have idea for a high-end one yet.  I thought it would just be fun to bring you along on this mission.  I’m also interested to see what thought processes people use in deciding what new beauty products to buy next.  I usually have some recommendations bouncing in my head from watching so much Youtube, but I tend to take a look at Sephora first.  

Step 1 – Search “micellar water” on Sephora

Whoa, who knew that Sephora carried so many micellar waters (or cleansing waters)?  26 in total.  Wow, I didn’t know that luxury brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Guerlain had cleansing waters.  These must be like the “designer bags” of cleansing waters.  Whoa, $67 USD!  How much that work out to per drop?  I think I will pass because I go through micellar waters pretty quickly and I double-cleanse.

Step 2 – Sort by “best-selling” and “top rating”

Oh, surprisingly the Caudalie one is the best-selling one.  I don’t hear too many people talk about this one.  The second best-selling one is the Koh Gen Do, which I hear more beauty bloggers talk about.  Top rated is often not a great measure for how good a product actually is because it purely is determined by stars and not how many people has actually reviewed.  It looks like Koh Gen Do edges out the Caudalie one by half a star.

Step 3 – Compare the price and the amount of product

So the two candidates are Caudalie and Koh Gen Do, but it looks like the Caudalie one is cheaper at $31 CAD compared to $55 CAD.  However, the Koh Gen Do has 300 mL of product compared to Caudalie at 200 mL.

Step 4 – Check out some other reviews online

Quite a few reviews say that the Koh Gen Do removes waterproof mascara, which would be amazing from a cleansing water.  Plus, it says it does not sting the eyes which is a total “pro” in my eyes.  Also, one of my favourites bloggers, Anna, from Style Under Pressure, recommends their wipes.  I might have to get this one, but let’s check the Caudalie reviews.  Overall, it seems like it is not as strong at removing makeup as the Koh Gen Do one, but is very soothing and great for sensitive skin.  The scent is also sounds appealing because it smells like grapes.

VERDICT:  I think I will get the Koh Gen Do one because I wear so much waterproof and smudgeproof makeup.  However, I might just get both in travel size and do a top 2 best-selling micellars waters from Sephora comparison review blogpost later on.  What do you think?

What process do you go through before purchasing a beauty product?

8 thoughts on “Mission: Find a New Micellar Water

  1. Woo-hoo! I’m such a fan of Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water, and especially their wipes (because I have a million-step skin care routine, so where I can make my life easier, I do). I buy it over and over. I even use the wipes on my waterline and I’ve never had any stinging. I actually prefer to buy my beauty products from Sephora and Memebox because their return policies are so good. Because like a pair of jeans, no matter what other people say, I can never tell how I’ll feel about a product until I actually try it myself. I can’t wait to read your comparison review!


      1. You know what I JUST tried and was pleasantly surprised about? Simple Dual-Effect Eye Makeup Remover. It didn’t sting and it removed my waterproof liner very easily. It’s sort of an oil-water emulsion and it’s a drugstore buy.

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