Review: THREE Correcting Concealer


I have been an avid reader of Japanese magazines for a long time.  Just on a side note, if you are interested, I thought I would mention that you can download many Japanese magazines off the Apple Newsstand (some of my faves include Baila and Maquia).  I have always seen this brand being featured in the Beauty sections.  Later, I learned from my sister that this brand is a luxury beauty brand from Japan, which focuses on using natural ingredients in their beauty products.  I have tried of a few of their products.  Some have been hits (foundation and skincare) and others have not become my favourites (eyeliner).

I already really enjoyed their foundation, which I have reviewed here, so I decided to give their concealer a try.  Their products are a bit difficult to get out of Asia (Here is a link from Amazon). However, I noticed that there are not too many reviews on this line in English so I thought I would put in my two cents for those who are interested Japanese cosmetics.



Like the rest of their packaging, it comes in a matte dark grey packaging, which is very sturdy. Similarily, to the Nars packaging, it can get quite dirty easily though.  This concealer palette comes with four different pans (it comes in two shades).  It includes two of shades of concealer (both yellow-toned), a setting powder, and also a highlighter powder.  It comes with a mirror and some palette brushes.  I think it is a great palette for travelling because it basically has everything you need for concealing.  Just a note, that for an natural brand, the ingredients in this particular product are not that natural, which was a little disappointing to me.  For example, methylparaben is like the second ingredient on the list.


For me, the texture of this concealer is quite new to me.  I have been using more liquid (Nars) and creamier (Bobbi Brown and Ipsa) concealers lately.  The THREE concealer has a more waxy and thick texture.  It is a little closer in texture to the cult favourite Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer (although with less coverage, I feel).  Initially, I thought the texture would make it difficult to blend into the skin.  I am surprised to report though it blends really easily into the skin with your fingers.  However, I found that applying with the two small brushes supplied, it was slightly harder to blend out.  I really feel that the warmth of your fingers made a different in helping it melt into the skin.  It is important to note that it doesn’t spread out like creamier concealers, so I feel the best way to apply it is by tapping and dabbing into the skin.

I love the cute little powder brush included.  It is the perfect size to apply the powder to the undereye area.  The powder is really fine and mattifies the area, but it doesn’t make it look too dry. For me, I don’t feel like the highlighting powder really showed up on me and didn’t much of a difference to the overall finished look of the concealer.


I would say this concealer has about medium coverage.  It claims to cover dullness, age spots, and undereye circles.  I feel like it has a good coverage, but doesn’t completely cover my undereye circles or freckles.  For acne, I think it might be a bit drying.  Although, it doesn’t really claim that it is meant for that use.


The concealer does stay on for a most of the day (I always do use the powder included which helps).  I think my main problem with this concealer is that it will crease and look a bit dry in the undereye area after 3-4 hours even if I apply eye cream (might be more appropriate for younger or less wrinkly undereyes-gosh I feel little sad saying that).

VERDICT: It is a good all in one concealer palette.  However, it lacks in coverage and might be more suitable for younger undereye areas.  There also might be better products for half of the price.

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