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I have been following Ingrid Nilsen’s Youtube channel for a long time.  In the last year, she has branched out from making mostly beauty and style videos.  Lately, I have really enjoyed her series called Sense of Self.  In this series, she interviews others about their possessions categorized according to the five senses.  I totally agree that you learn a lot about someone through their possessions.  Using her series as inspiration, I decided to categorize my current favourites according to the five senses as well.  I included beauty and non-favourites in this post as I am not a full-time blogger so I don’t purchase that many beauty items each month.


As I have talked about it in previous posts, I have been learning to cook the last few years.  I bought Gwenyth Paltrow’s It’s All Easy: Delicious Weekday Recipes for the Super-Busy Home Cook.  I think one of the most difficult things about moving out is having to feed yourself everyday.  This is especially hard after a tiring day at work.  That is perhaps why I found this book so appealing. Moreover, I think I also went in with the presumption that since Gwenyth wrote it, the dishes probably were somewhat healthy.  The photos are beautiful and I must admit it was fun being nosy and checking out all the photos of her children.  Everything I have made has been quick and easy, required a handful of ingredients, and mostly importantly, tasty.  You can check out my blogposts for my two favourites: Black Bean Soup and Avocado Caprese Salad.


There are some beauty products that you tend to reach for more because they smell so good!  I used to always have feeling with Benefit’s Coralista Blush.  I love the coral colour of the blush, but I was more addicted to the fruity scent (not sure how else to describe it) of the blush.  I feel like the MISSHA The Style Defining Blusher gives me the same feeling.  I think the scent is a little more subtle.  I have been using it almost everyday and I think it is the scent which keeps me coming back for more.  Of course, I love it as well because it is so long-lasting and pigmented.


I love dessert and I had the most amazing one a few weeks ago.  I can’t remember the name of it. Basically, it is a chocolate sundae with chocolate syrup.  Sounds pretty normal so far, right?  Then, it is topped with aerated chocolate, which is basically an like Aero bar, which I love and had idea that anyone could make it.  Then, it is topped with whip cream, chocolate covered almonds, and small chunks of chocolate brownie.  Oh, it was so good!  And yes, I always finish the chocolate section in a Neopolitan ice cream first.


I love the touch and sound of closing a beauty product.  This is a little beat of cheat because it is the sound and the feel of the action.  Lately, I have just been loving the feel of the matte packaging of the CLIO Sharp, So Simple Waterproof Pencil Liner.  However, it is the awesome feel and sound of the closing the pencil that I love.  Is this weird?  Haha.


As I have gotten older, I have not kept up with current music as I used to.  Is this a common sign of aging?  🙂  Other than the radio, I mostly learn about new music through Spotify.  This song was one of those that came up on a trending playlist.  It is not a totally new song, but I have had it repeat for a while.  She is known as AlunaGeorge and the song is called “I Remember.”  The song has a super catchy chorus and has an electric pop and R & B feel to it.  You should check her out if you are into that type of music.

Thanks for reading!  🙂


10 thoughts on “Current Favourites

  1. Cool post! I could really go for some chocolate now. I haven’t kept up with music either :\ But I was very snobby and didn’t listen to pop, and now just like whatever’s on the radio is my jam.

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