Review: MISSHA The Style Defining Blusher and M Dewy Glossy Eyes


I did a Korean haul a few months ago.  Yes, another Korean beauty haul!  I thought I would review a couple of the MISSHA items that I had picked up on a whim from that haul.  I had picked up the MISSHA The Style Defining Blusher in PK03 and M Dewy Glossy Eyes in Honey Roast.  A quick summary is that I loved one and the other one was so-so.

MISSHA is a Korean roadside beauty shop that is most well-know for their BB Creams and their SK II dupe, the Time Revolution Treatment Essence.  I actually haven’t tried any of their products for a while.  I think the first BB Cream I tried was their M Perfect BB Cream that came in the red tube and I remembered loving it.  Like many other Korean brands, their products are readily available through their international websites (Canada and United States).

MISSHA The Style Defining Blusher in PK03 ($10 USD)

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As I mentioned in a previous post, I am surprised how much I love this blush.  Mostly, because I had never read any reviews prior to buying it.  The blush comes in 10 shades.  Some of the brown toned shades could also be used for contouring as well.  For $10 USD, it comes in this super sturdy clear plastic case with crystal like etchings on the back of the case.

The powder is smooth and silky.  At first, I was kind of disappointed that it didn’t swatch very pigmented on my hand.  I am used to those super pigmented blushes like Nars, for example, where you only have touch it and it comes off so pigmented.  However, it shows up well on the cheeks and you don’t have to worry as much about overdoing it.  All this is great, but it is the scent that keeps me coming back for more.  I love the fruity scent and this blushes lasts and lasts on me.  I am always surprised to see it is still there at the end of a work day.

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MISSHA M Dewy Gloss Eyes in Honey Roast ($12 USD)

I bought this shadow hoping it would be a great one shadow over the eye look.  I am sad to report it isn’t what expected.  I guess, that is often the problem of buying products online.  This product is marketed as being able to create a “wet, glossy look with sheer shimmer.”  I never did get the wet and glossy part, but shimmer, it definitely has.  There are different sizes of glitter in the shadow and when it hits the light, it almost looks multidimensional.  So much shimmer in fact that it is difficult to wear it alone in the daytime.  Also, when you remove it, the glitter kind of gets everywhere.

I have never tried Colorpop before, but I have a feeling this shadow has a similar texture.  It kind of feels like puddy when you touch it and doesn’t bounce back into shape.  The shadow almost feels like a cream shadow.  I also think that it is best suited for an over shadow glitter or to define the inner corners of eyes.  It last pretty well throughout the day.  I just find myself not reaching for it as much because it is probably more suited for nighttime looks.  Yes, I feel like a grandma.  I mean how times would I need to create a nighttime look in a year.



VERDICT:  Both are quality products for the price.  However, I just love the blush more.

11 thoughts on “Review: MISSHA The Style Defining Blusher and M Dewy Glossy Eyes

  1. Hmm … “dewy” and “glossy” in the name but only glittery. Too bad. I hate it when that happens. I find it hard to find the right kind of “shimmery” when shopping for eyeliners and shadows. It’s definitely something I have to try in person. You know what I just tried that really gives you a glossy look (without the mess of actually putting on gloss on your eyelid)? Chosungah Raybeam Highlighter. It’s got too much of a sheen for my eyes, but it looks pretty glossy. (It’s a highlighter, but I patted it on my eyes and it gave it a real gloss.)

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