Top 5 Favourite Beauty Tools


The right tool can make a big difference when it comes to beauty.  These are five tools that I feel are irreplaceable in my beauty collection.  I literally would not know what to if I didn’t have them.

Tweezerman Slant Tweezer

I always heard that these were like the best tweezers.  However, I just never committed to buying a pair until a few years ago.  Boy, what difference they make!  I never knew how dull my old ones were from the drugstore till I used these.  These are so precise that they can easily grip a single hair and pull it out.  Plus, they come in so many fun colours and patterns now.  My favourite is still the hot pink though.

Panasonic Circular Eyelash Comb

For anyone with stick straight eyelashes, this electric eyelash curler is a saviour.  It is almost like a hair curler, but for your eyes.  It sounds kind of scary to have a heated device near your eyeballs.  I won’t lie.  You can feel the heat, but the comb has a guard so that your eye (or your flesh) never hit the electric coils.  I usually can get a pretty good curl with a regular mechanical eyelash curler. However, it usually droops pretty fast.  Used over mascara, this curler increases and maintains the longevity of the curl.  I find I get the best results holding it on three places on your eyelashes instead of doing one sweep through.  A must-have if you have straight lashes that point straight down!

Sephora Professional Crease Brush #10

I’m Asian and don’t really have much of a crease.  However, I use this brush for blending out eyeshadow and it is perfect.  I just think a blending brush (doesn’t have to be this brand) is essential in a beauty collection regardless of what eye shape you have.  The most beautiful eyeshadow looks would look to harsh unless the edges are not blended out to almost nothing. This brush has a dome shapes that is perfect for light and more precise blending at the point and more general blending if you use a little more pressure.

Hakuhodo Eye Shadow Brush Tapered

I love using fluffier eyeshadow brushes to apply my powder highlight.  This brush from Hakuhodo is perfect for this job, but any fluffier eye shadow brush is just the perfect width for highlighting the top of your cheekbones.  The crease brush I mentioned above would also work, but I find a fuller brush just applies better over a bigger area quicker.  The brushes from Hakuhodo are great quality and have not shed on me.

Velcro Bow Bang Holder

I don’t know the official name for this item, but when it goes missing, I am rummaging the whole house looking for it.  Basically, it is a piece of velcro that holds your bangs out of your face.  It is so simple yet so effective.  Unlike bobby pins that might leave a crease in your hair, this will not do this.  Sometimes, even if I am not doing my makeup, I will wear it around the house to keep the hair out of my face.  They last forever too.  I have had mine for like 5 years and it still works great.

What are your must-have beauty tools?



18 thoughts on “Top 5 Favourite Beauty Tools

  1. Such a cute photo! And how does that velcro bang holder work? You just stick it on your pulled-back bangs? I’m constantly buying new jaw clips to hold my bangs back while at home — they’re so cheap and break easily.

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