Review: Etude House Sun Blind Cushion


I am not a major cushion person.  Mostly, I think because of sanitary reasons.  However, I am loving this Etude House Sun Blind Cushion with SPF 50+ and PA+++.  Sun is the major cause of premature aging, but having to reapply sunscreen every few hours can really be a drag.  Before this cushion, I enjoyed used a powder sunscreen such as Ilia’s Radiant Translucent Powder as my sunscreen top-up.  However, I always wondered how much coverage you can really get from a quick powdering. So how do this cushion perform as not only as a sunscreen, but also as a top-up sunscreen on-the-go?



The cushion comes in nice, sturdy packaging.  I feel like this cushion is slightly thinner than the usual ones.  It is only a little over one centimetre thick, so it slips in pretty easily into your purse. The blue, white, and silver design gives off a beach vibe, almost like beach cabana stripes.  Lastly, the air puff inside is very similar to most Korean cushions, very smooth and dense.



Like typical cushion products, the application is fairly quick.  You dab the puff into the cushion gently to grab some product.  Then, dab it over the face to blend the product into the skin.  This sunscreen blends fairly quickly into the skin as it has a thin consistency.

Since the sunscreen is white, I feel there is a tiny bit of white cast when applied, but it won’t really affect the application of your foundation.  It also feels a bit tacky when first applied, but it diminishes as the product absorbs into your skin.


You can check out the ingredients on their website here.  The main sunscreens agents in this sunscreen are zinc oxide and titanium oxide (mineral sunscreen ingredients), which is perhaps why it gives a bit of a “white cast” when applied initially.


I thought I would review all of the claims that it states this product can do for you on it’s website.

Simply Dab on Frequently d0n’t worry about makeup getting smudged, soaks sebum and oily content on face while keeping makeup clear

Thumbs up on this claim!  I don’t think it would work over mineral foundation, but it goes on well over liquid foundation.  Since the formula is quite thin, you can top up a few times in a day without feeling it get too heavy.  Apparently, there is also a silica powder in the formula which helps control oil, and I notice this helps mattify your face during the day to a satin finish.  However, for some reason on their website, the model looks pretty dewy, which made me laugh.  I guess dewy sells in Korea!

Thin Yet Strong UV Protection 

This sunscreen cushion provides a coverage of SPF 50+ and PA+++.  The formula is definitely thin and absorbs quickly.  With regards to the UV protection, at first, I was quite skeptical that it would be effective because they always say you need a nickel size of sunscreen applied on your face for it to work.  However, maybe because I reapply more, I didn’t feel like I got any darker than before.

Brighten and Refresh Your Makeup – helps base last longer by clearing pores and uneven parts, brighten your skin without stickiness, and tones up darkened makeup

I find this cushion to be a great primer.  It does subtly smooth out pores and fine lines and I do think it makes my foundation last longer.  I find myself skipping foundation primer and often opting just to use this cushion as a combined primer-sunscreen.  Whether it brightens skin tone, I am not sure.  It is white, so it does seem to lighten everything a little when first applied.  Maybe that is the brightening effect.  🙂  Now, with regards to the stickiness, I do find it a bit tacky when first applied, but after absorption, it pretty much is gone.

Rejuvenate Tired, Stressed SkinSkin Calming Complex (aloe, camomile, calendula, and witch hazel) to heal stressed skin, soothes skin smoothly and softly)

For me, it is difficult to evaluate if it is does help stressed skin because I am wearing layers of skincare underneath.  I will say it hasn’t caused any breakouts or left my skin feeling dry and dehydrated though.

VERDICT:  I would totally recommend this as a super convenient and effective sunscreen and sunscreen touch-up.   One  con is it doesn’t come with a cushion refill.  Although, for the price (around $20 USD), you can’t really ask for more I guess.

12 thoughts on “Review: Etude House Sun Blind Cushion

  1. This product sounds amazing. I was not into cushions at all until just recently when I tried one from Laneige. I was really impressed with it. So, I tried another one from Sulwhashoo and it was incredible. I love the idea of a sunscreen based cushion. I’ve been wanting to go on and line and do a Korean haul so maybe I’ll pick this up! I have been using Jan Marini sunscreen and I love it on my face and the smell is incredible. I’d like options though!

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  2. If I didn’t already use a tinted cushion, I’d totally reapply my sunscreen with a cushion. It’s soooo much more convenient, and I do worry about whether I’m getting enough coverage with a powder sunscreen. Great post!

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