A Whole New World To Me: A’Pieu X Rilakkuma Water Light Tint in CR01 Review

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The world of lip tints seem like a complete mystery to me.  Photos of Korean models wearing these bright and juicy colours seemed so adorable.  However, could I, a thirty-something year old, actually still pull off such a cute and trendy look?  I think so.  It is different than what I am used to, but I love the bright and cheerful look it adds to my everyday look.

Here is my first experience with a lip tint and I am reviewing the A’Pieu X Rilakkuma Water Light Tint in CR01 Unripe Grapefruit.


Obviously, super cute, because of the Rilakkuma packaging.  As expected, some of the lettering did start to rub off after being in my bag for a while.  Once you untwist the lid, you will find a flat shaped doe-foot applicator.  The applicator has a nice teardrop shape which makes it easy to get to the corners and edges of your lips.


Now, here comes the main reason I will not repurchase this lip tint.  When you twist the lid off, sometimes the plunger that seals the container (this is hard to explain) will also pull off.  I can’t explain how many minutes of my life have been spent trying to get that plunger out of the lid.  So you if want to purchase this lip tint, try not to twist the lid close super tight or it will drive you crazy!



When applied on the lips, the formula almost has a cooling effect which totally surprised me. Having no previous experience with lip tints, I didn’t even take off the excess product before application the first time I used it.  Boy, was that a mistake.  I have now learnt to take off the excess on the inside of the tube.  Other than being cooling, it has almost a gel texture that glides really easily over the lips.  The formula is not sticky and feels quite moisturizing on the lips.  Lastly, it smells super fruity (it doesn’t linger though) and tastes alright if you do swallow it.

The Look

Shade CR01 Unripe Grapefruit

The look of this lip tint is really a whole new experience for me.  It makes your lips glossy, but definitely not as “high shine” as the publicity stills on their website.  I guess, due to the tint nature, your original lip colour does still show through the tint.  Therefore, how the lip tint colour shows up on your lips will depend entirely on each person’s lip colour.  I also do feel that your lip lines show a little more than a with using a more conventional lipstick.

I think how it wears over time is the most interesting effect of this lip tint. At first, it goes on with a bit of a gloss, and then it fades out to a more matte look.  The edges of the lips will fade first with most of the pigmentation remaining in the centre of the lips.  It really does give that I “sucked on a lollipop”  look.  It’s pretty, but did take me a while to get used to.


For some reason, I assumed lip tints actually stain your lips permanently.  Maybe, some of them do, but this particular one doesn’t.  The colour also does not last that long on your lips.  After a couple of a hours, most of the initial colour is gone.  Furthermore, after eating or drinking, you will definitely have to reapply.

If your lips are in good condition, you will not have to apply lip balm underneath.  The formula is quite moisturizing when initially applied.  However, I found that if you reapply quite a few times during the day, your lips do get quite dry.  Therefore, if you use this a lot during the day, a lip balm underneath is definitely recommended.

VERDICT:  A pigmented and flattering first purchase for a lip tint newbie.  However, I will not repurchase due to the frustrating packaging and the lack of longevity on the lips.


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