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I thought it was a good time for another “Current Favourites” as I haven’t done one since the middle of August.  I am going to use the same format inspired by Youtuber Ingrid Nilsen’s Sense of Self where she uses the five senses to interview her guests about their favourite things.


I don’t binge watch anything.  Even if I start watching a TV show or Asian drama, I rarely watch more than a couple episodes a day.  However, I have totally been binge watching all the videos this couple have been making on their channel called 2hearts1seoul.  Sarah, who is Canadian, and her husband, Kyuho, from Korea, vlog about their everyday life in Korea.  I really enjoy their vlogs because I get to learn more about Korean culture.  This is something I particularly love since I was an Anthropology major.  Plus, they are just so chilled and their videos are also beautifully filmed and edited.  Altogether, it gives me a little insight, as a Canadian, how I would experience life there with a similar cultural perspective.


I am really late to the game when it comes to the Guerlain bronzers.  However, I had no idea they smelled so good!  I am not usually into floral scents, but I love smelling this bronzer every time I use it.  I finally checked on Sephora and it smells of bergamot, mandarin, gardenia, and vanilla.  Anyone else in love with this scent?


In the last few months, my husband introduced me to Vietnamese Hot and Sour Soup at our favourite South East Asian restaurant and I was surprised how much I loved it.  We had taken home the leftovers and I found myself pouring it out and heating it up to drink a few times a day.  For those who haven’t had it, it tastes very different to the Chinese style hot and sour soup, which is pretty full-on in flavour.  How to describe the flavour?  Well, I have been still trying to figure out the ingredients.  I think so we far we have figured it out that it gets its sweetest from pineapples.  The sourness is from tomatoes and maybe lemons and the spiciness is from chiles.  Then, add some prawns, herbs, and beansprouts and that’s the soup!  I am sure there are some other ingredients that we don’t know, but it is so delicious.



I love the idea of the Lancôme Juicy Shakers.  It is just such a fun idea.  However, I am even more surprised by how much I love the feel of the sponge applicator.  It is so smooth and soft and it hugs your lips just perfectly.  I don’t recall any other lip product having that type of applicator.  Anyone else in love with the applicator?


I listen to a variety music from difference genres and languages.  My favourite song the last month is from a Taiwanese singer called Yoga Lin called Tiny Part of You.  Here is the English translation of the lyrics if you are interested.  He started his career by winning a Taiwanese Singing Contest and many of most famous songs are touching, haunting, and beautiful.  This particular song comes from his newest album “Sell Like Hot Cakes”.  I don’t completely understand the lyrics, but I get the sense it talks about unrequited love and the feeling of wanting to be a part of someone’s life little by little.

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Current Favourites

  1. This is actually the first video or photos I’ve seen of Korea. Totally not what I expected. It looks positively gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! What an inspiring video and the top of the park was just breathtaking!

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