Fashion Favourites: It’s All in the Details

Let’s put it out there.  I don’t think I could ever be a fashion blogger.  First of all, the posing.  That just seems really difficult to me!  I mean, I did a photoshoot once, and I realized how hard modelling actually is.  However, I do enjoy fashion.  Maybe not, in the “I need to continually seek out what’s hot and new” mindset, like the passion I have for beauty.  I kind of know what I like when it comes to fashion, but I always want to break out of my comfort zone.  Also, I always look at fashion bloggers and think that it would be great to look like them, but somehow never quite get there.  Not sure if it is out of insecurity or lack of passion.

Just to give you a little insight into my fashion style, I put together some of my favourite fashion details using some of my current purchases.  I feel with fashion, it really is “all in the details.”

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I have always loved ruffles.  Despite the the wax and wane of fashion trends, I seem to always have something in my collection that has ruffles.  I find that ruffles can add something a little special to an ordinary fashion piece.  This love is further verified by me pinning so many of the ruffle pieces Delpozo’s 2017 Spring Ready-To-Wear Collection on my Fashion Inspiration Board.  I especially loved Look #6 with the ruffle bib and Look #33 with the cascading ruffle skirt (I have embedded the pins at the bottom of this blogpost).  I purchased this sweatshirt from J. Crew recently during their sale and loved the ruffle accents around the collar and sleeve.  I was worried that it might be too much, but it looked good on the model and I was sold.  So far, I am really enjoying it because it really elevates a simple grey sweatshirt into something “a little more.”



Cute Prints

I am one of those people that wear a lot of neutrals, so I find that cute prints can really “jazz” up an outfit.  This could be in the form of a cute print on a reusable bag (I am currently carrying one covered with watermelons from Baggu) or it could also mean an overall print on blouse or sweater. Also from J. Crew (yes, I couldn’t help myself, they had free shipping), I decided to buy this  cherry print sweater.  I thought the cherry pattern almost looked like a random dot pattern from afar, which made it more wearable.


Plain T-Shirts

I know this is not a detail per se, but lately, I have really begun to notice how important basics are to a look.  Single basics, like a plain t-shirt, are really important building blocks to create an entire look.  The catalyst for all this sudden enlightenment, if you can call it that even, has been my love of an app from originating from Japan called WEAR.  Users post their outfits and you can follow users and like their photos.  I am been mostly looking at the photos of Japanese users and loving their minimalist style.  For example, they would pair a long cardigan, a white t-shirt, jeans with amazing accessories and it looks so chic.  These looks inspired me to purchase a simple coral t-shirt lately with a bit of texture running through.  Now, I just need some amazing shoes and a bag!

I am still learning about how to embed photos, but here are a few of the looks I love from the Delpozo Spring 2017 Collection I mentioned above.


18 thoughts on “Fashion Favourites: It’s All in the Details

  1. I totally agree with you. The posing really is the WORST. I’m sooo awkward. I tried doing some fashion blogging for a second, and decided I really didn’t like it and was horrible at it. But I still love fashion and personal style. Details truly are important — the ruffles on that sweatshirt! So cute! And a nice, simple tee really is a good palate cleanser.

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  2. I completely agree with you. My friend is a aspiring photographer, and always asks me to do practice photo shoots with her. I never would’ve thought how difficult posing was, and I give mad props to all the women who do it for a living. Lovely post, I too love fashion, but on my own terms.

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  3. Oh yeah, I could NOT pose. I already yell at my husband when he has to take photos and blame him for my arms looking fat or something. LOL. But it’s hard to hold a pose too and there’s so much to take into consideration. The level of detail the photographer needs to be thinking about? It’s crazy!

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