My Surprising Love of Facial Soap: Penelopi Moon Junga Facial Soap Review


I love trying out new skincare, but over the years, I kind of know what works best for me.  Rarely am I brave enough to switch out everything in my skincare routine at once.  There are always a few standbys in my routine to prevent complete skin disaster.  In my case, disaster would mean either really dry and flaky skin around my nose or tons of small bumps appearing on my forehead.   For me, this facial soap has definitely been a staple the last year, almost like a security blanket.  Mostly, I know that nothing can go terribly wrong when I use this soap.


This savoir is the Penelopi Moon Junga Facial Soap.  I never thought I would love facial soap.  Bar soap just seems like only something you used in the shower.  However, I have now been completely converted to using bar soap on my face after trying this soap.  I had randomly picked this up in my local Asian grocery store on a whim.  I had also wanted to try a soap for some time because it usually doesn’t contain heavy duty preservatives, like some liquid cleansers do.

The soap comes in three colours: Junga (red), Marsha (orange), and Tarisa (green).  Since the site is in Japanese, I have had trouble figuring out the difference.  The red one seems to be for more problematic skin and sensitive skin.  They don’t use synthetic fragrances, artificial colouring, mineral oil, and preservatives in these soaps.  You can get an idea of their their full ingredient list on their website (You will have to translate it into English).   Just a note that this is not a totally “clean” product, but they do use a lot of natural ingredients.


From the website (after using a lot of Google translate), they claim that this soap can gently repair problematic skin to bring back its original glow.  Using the power of nature, the soap is a unique formula made from 14 different plant extracts.  Some highlight ingredients include astaxanthin which is a type of antioxidant and peach leaf essence which helps maintain the elasticity and glow of your skin.  Lastly, the crescent moon is supposed to be full of amino acids which moisturize the skin.

How to Use

I usually just buy by the travel kit from my local grocery store because it comes with the foaming net already.  It also comes with a instruction sheet which is super handy.  Basically, you rub the soap on the net and then it will foam up.  Then, you pull the foam to the end of the net into your hands and apply on your face.  It is actually pretty fun because it is amazing how much foam you get!  Then, gently later over face and rinse.

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This is actually the third repurchase of this travel size set.  I actually prefer the travel set because it comes with the foaming mesh even though it is not the full size product.  I really enjoy the application.  The only con is that you do have to find somewhere to hang the mesh to dry, which might be a hindrance to some people.

After cleansing with this soap, I am always amazing at how balanced my skin is.  Presently, I have normal skin in the t-zone area and dry skin on the cheeks, but I never feel like my whole face feels tight after cleansing.  My skin feels cleansed, but not overly dry.  I feel like the finest of the foam really cleans the skin throughly, but also gently.

VERDICT:  It is not a surprise that I wholeheartedly recommend this product since I have repurchased it so many times.  It is a great first time buy for a facial soap newbie.


8 thoughts on “My Surprising Love of Facial Soap: Penelopi Moon Junga Facial Soap Review

    1. Yes, I am surprised how much I love this soap. I think it is the best-selling facial soap in Japan and the Japanese are really serious about their skincare. Yes, the foaming mesh is so fun! It is amazing how much you get! 🙂


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