Normal to Dry Combination Skin: “Nothing Too Bad Will Happen” Cleansers


Believe it or not, trying out a new cleanser can be an anxiety-ridden task for me.  I’ll often ask myself:  Will it dry out my skin?  Will it break me out?  How long will it take to repair the damage if things don’t work out?  Luckily, having used skincare for many years now, there are a few cleansers that I can always depend on.

Just a little background on my skin type first.  I used to have more dry/oily combination skin, but as I have gotten older my skin has become more normal/dry combination.  My t-zone area has become less oily, and my cheeks have remained pretty dry.  I mainly look for cleansers that are effective, but don’t dry out my skin.

As you’ll see in my list, I tend to favour cream cleansers because I think they are more moisturizing. Moreover, since having some bad experiences with oil cleansers drying out my skin, I have tended to avoid them.  If anyone has any recommendations, I am open to trying out some balm cleansers.

fresh Soy Face Cleanser

This is a very well-loved cleanser and rightly so.  It is just so dependable!  Not only does it do a good job of cleansing your skin, but it is also so gentle.  My skin always feels soft and smooth after using it.  Its highlight ingredients includes soy, of course, which helps maintain elasticity.  Other ingredients include rose water and cucumber extract which help to sooth and nourish the skin. Application-wise, it comes out as a fluid gel texture, and feels a bit slimy when you apply it (not in a bad way).  I don’t think I have another cleanser with this texture because it really doesn’t foam up that much.  It totally works though.

Narüko Rose & Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Foaming Wash EX

I don’t know how many times I have repurchased this cleanser even though it is not easily accessible to me.  First of all, it has the most amazing rose scent.  If you love rose-scented beauty products, you will love this!  This brand originates from Taiwan, and was created by a local beauty expert.  This is a thick cream cleanser.  You squeeze out about 1 cm and then foam it up with water before putting it on your face.  It produces more foam than the fresh cleanser mentioned above, but it is not super foamy.  After cleaning, it leaves my skin clean, balanced, and not tight at all. Definitely one of my all-time faves.

Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash

This cleanser is very similar to the Narüko one, except maybe, it foams a little more.  Personally, I find the claims of this face wash a little “too good to be true.”  Origin claims this face wash “balances faces with dry and oily places.”  It discourages oil in the oily areas and protects dry areas. Does it actually work though?  I think, in general, it really does work.  My face does feel balanced and not tight.  Your skin after cleansing might not feel as plump and moisturized as the other cleansers I have mentioned before, but it doesn’t make dry areas worse, which is my usual problem.

THREE Balancing Foam

This is a cream cleanser I tried recently, and I thought I would love it because it was really similar to the others I have mentioned in this list.  This is a Japanese brand that prides itself in using mostly quality natural ingredients in their products.  So did I enjoy it?  I would say yes.  The texture and application are similar to the other cream cleansers I have mentioned.  The only con for me is the smell.  I guess, they use a lot of natural oils in their products, but I was not too fond of the “gingery” smell.  And yes, like the name implies, it does leave your skin “balanced.”

I just also wanted to mention that one of my all-time favourites lately is the Penelopi Moon Junga Facial Soap, which is surprising since it is not a cream cleanser.  I have done a review here if you are interested.  If you love lots of foam and have more sensitive skin, you will love this!

Thanks for reading and if anyone has some great balm cleansers for dry skin, I would love some recommendations!  🙂


10 thoughts on “Normal to Dry Combination Skin: “Nothing Too Bad Will Happen” Cleansers

  1. Ooo, I’ll have to try the Fresh Soy Cleanser for winter. As soon as cooler weather hits, my cheeks get crazy dry — they used to be more normal but have gotten drier the older I get, too. Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Cleansing Cream is not a balm cleanser but a cream makeup removing cleanser that I use now as step 1 in cleansing that doesn’t dry out my skin.

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    1. Yes, I find my dry spots especially around my nose get so dry. Definitely try the Fresh Soy Cleanser, it is one of my standbys. You can try the travel size too and you see if you like it first. Thanks for the recommendation. I tried to finally get some Koh Gen Do cleansing water during the sale, but they sold out! I don’t know if you are into snail products too, but they have really helped moisturize my skin.

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      1. Oh no! The KGD cleansing water is always selling out! 😦 I just ordered some snail essence from a K-beauty site now that I’m out of my Benton one. Gonna try the Cosrx version.

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      2. Also love the Benton ones. I’ve been using their steam cream lately and absorbs pretty fast and not too sticky. Love to hear about how the Cosrx went. Seems like all the Korean Youtubers are talking about this brand. Oh, I also love the Tony Moly Ferment Snail Cream.


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