Korean Skincare Haul = What I’m Into Lately

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I think your hauls are often a reflection of what you are into lately.  I mean, I guess there really isn’t a reason for a haul sometimes.  Sometimes, you just need some retail therapy! Whatever the reason, here some of the items I hauled to replenish the empties in my skincare routine.


So weird how I often run out of all my skincare at one time.  I basically almost had to replenish everything at the same time this month.  Over the years, I have tried a lot of skincare, but since hitting my 30s, I realized I have to really take care of myself (including eating healthier and exercising more) or things go downhill pretty fast.  I know, this makes me seem like an old lady. However, it is really reflected in my choice of skincare though.  I tend to go for more natural ingredients and spend more time on my skincare in general.  Combined with my love for Korean skincare lately, it was natural for me to haul more products from innisfree.

innisfree is a Korean brand that strives to use natural ingredients from Jeju Island in their products. I have repurchased many bottles of their Soy Bean Energy Essence, so I thought it was time to branch out and use some of their other products.

innisfree Eco Science Lotion

What appealed the most to me about this product was that it met ECOCERT standards.  It is made of 99.77% of natural ingredients with 10.45 % of organic ingredients.  The main ingredients include natural Jeju sea plants, which are known for their regenerative properties.  The vitamins and minerals from these plants are supposed to have anti-aging properties, which I totally need at my age.

Initial Thoughts: The texture is very fluid and absorbs very quickly into the skin.  My skin does feel moisturized and plump after use.  The smell is quite pungent, not sure how to describe, but it dissipates pretty quickly.

innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum

I think this is one of innisfree’s most well-known products.  I decided it was time for me to give it try.  Unfortunately, I am not a green tea lover.  I don’t like green tea ice cream or anything green tea related.  I hope this is finally the one green tea item I will love!  Infused with 100% green tea leaves, this serum is supposed to hydrate your skin and prevent moisture-loss.  As my current serum runs out soon, I can’t wait to use this during the dry winter months.

Skin Tightening Skincare

I think wrinkles are always the first signs of aging we recognize.  However, I have begun to realize that sagging and losing elasticity from skin is just as relevant.  If you have been following Glow Recipe, an online site that specializes in natural Korean skincare, they have been raving about the Yuri Piru Artichoke Power Essence

Yuri Piru Artichoke Power Essence

Not a big fan of green tea, but I do like artichokes.  And no, this is not the sole reason I wanted to try this essence.  I think the name “advanced skin tightening complex” was the big selling-point for me.  When you are in your 30s, advance skin care sounds great!  This essence promises to improve elasticity and minimize pores.  Housed in a dropper, you would think it would be quite liquidly, but instead it comes out as a lotion (it is supposed to be waterless).

Initial Thoughts:  I love applying this onto my skin!  It leaves your skin feeling glowy and moisturized, but the most amazing thing is that after using it for a week, I already feel my pores are minimized.  Can’t wait to see what the long-term benefits are!


I really enjoyed the LJH Propolis Ampoule and decided to give their cream a try.  As indicated on the Glow Recipe website, propolis is rich in antioxidants and provides an instant dewy glow.  It is supposed to hydrate, brighten, and neutralize free radicals.  Can’t wait to try it and report back!

Thanks for reading!  Just finally got my Sephora sale haul today.  I will have share what I got in another blogpost.


12 thoughts on “Korean Skincare Haul = What I’m Into Lately

  1. I wanted to ged some products from innisfree for a long time but never did it ….i guess i wanted to make an Korea skincare haul all at once…. but where did you buy them? ….Propolis is really great for the skin, I love it!

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  2. I also hate green tea but it does wonders for the skin! My mom has been drinking green tea her whole life and she looks twenty years younger than she is. I just stick with green tea serum and ointments, they are really helpful for clearing and anti-aging. Let us know how you feel about it after you use it for a while! Go check out my blog if you have time too! https://projectplanetleap.wordpress.com/

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