My Current Favourite Youtubers


My obsession with Youtube continues to persist.  In the last year, I have discovered some new Youtube channels that I have loving.  I thought I would share them in case you are having a Youtuber drought and need some new channels to watch especially during those nights during the winter holidays.

Song of Style

I remember the surprise I felt the first time I used Instragram Stories.  Suddenly, I could hear and see people that I had only known through static images all these years.  Some were just as “cool” and down-to-earth as I had expected.  Song of Style, a well-known fashion blogger, is one of those people.  She has been posting more regularly on her Youtube channel and it has been fun watching her vlog behind the scenes during fashion week and share beauty and fashion tips.  My favourite videos though are where we learn more about her personal life and background.  I especially enjoyed the video where she took her equally fashionable dad on a shopping spree.  It was nice to gain some insight as to where she got her good taste from.

I Dress Myself

I know, yet another fashion blogger because I am always in need of fashion inspiration.  I am one of those people who loves fashion, but doesn’t have the talent to put together amazing outfits.  I don’t even inspire to look like these fashion bloggers, but if I am even able to take a small nugget of inspiration from them, I am already quite happy.  Yanin, who is behind the blog I Dress Myself, not only has an amazing blog, but I also love her Youtube channel.  I think I would describe her style as mainly black, minimalist, but with an edge.  My favourite videos of hers are when she does her style lookbooks in her bedroom.  Laidback, but so chic.

Caroline Hirons

If you are really into skincare, you probably know Caroline Hirons.  She is also a blogger and experienced aesthetican.  I especially love hearing her talk through all the technical aspects of skincare.  However, even though the skincare knowledge she imparts is very helpful, it is her vlogs which I love watching the most.  She is the mother of four kids, and I love the dry humour she brings as she navigates her life as a busy mom.  Plus, she hangs out with other British beauty bloggers I avidly watch, like Lily Pebbles and Ruth from a Model Recommends, which is always so fun to watch!

Jennifer Wan

I feel like many of the beauty gurus with bigger audiences tend to talk about certain brands over and over again.  With Jennifer Wan, I feel like I really get a more comprehensive review of many different types of beauty brands.  She is one beauty junkie though!  She often talks about brands that I have not even heard of.  In the last year she has started vlogging as well, and her openness about her dating life is frank, relatable, and hilarious.  One of the channels I have probably followed for over 5 years (I had to sneak this one in even though I have watched her for a while).

Rachel Nguyen

I know, another fashion blogger who has gotten in Youtubing (is that a word?).  She is the face behind the blog That’s Chic.  I’ve always loved her style, but her vlogs are what started my obsession with her channel (you probably notice a trend by now!).  I love watching her as she navigates her laidback Californian life with her friends and family.  She always seem to be having the best time!  Plus, I love her ending segment where she answers her viewer questions.  If you love Song of Style, I have feeling you will love her as well!  Plus, she is friends with Claire Marshall which is my favourite Youtuber, so she has become a must-watch as well.

If you have any other Youtube channel recommendations you think I would love, please comment below.

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