Review: Tony Moly Ferment Snail BB Cream

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Do you have any makeup products you love during a certain time of the year, but not so much the rest of the year?  For me, it would definitely be the Tony Moly Timeless Ferment Snail BB Cream. The first time I used this BB Cream, I was so disappointed with the results, I didn’t pick it up again for a couple of months.  However, recently, I have grown to love it so much that I almost wear it daily.

This product is part of Tony Moly’s Timeless Ferment Snail line, which is part of their anti-aging line. My sisters knew that I loved the emulsion in the line, so they decided to get me the BB Cream as a birthday present this year.  To anyone interested in the emulsion, it is one my skincare favourites this year, especially if you are looking for a non-sticky snail skincare product.

Going back to the BB Cream, here are some of the claims on the brand’s website:

  • whitening, anti-wrinkling effects, and UV Protection
  • hydrating and nourishing
  • leaves amazing coverage and smooth skin texture
  • prevents skin damage with its 45% gold tea and fermented snail secretion filtrate



One thing I love about this product is that is looks like a squeeze tube, but when you uncap it, it actually has a pump dispenser.  This makes it much easier to dispense the specific amount of product you want.  It also has a flat-top lid which makes it easy to stand-up on your vanity table for easy access.


Probably due to the infusion of snail secretion filtrate, it is a thicker base product.  It is by no means difficult to blend, but it takes a little bit more time compared to some more liquidly foundations.  I have tried applying it with my fingers and a Beauty Blender.  On a daily basis, I tend to just apply it with my fingers and the results are very good.  The Beauty Blender just evens out the texture a bit more.  During application, there also isn’t too much of a noticeable scent, just maybe a little bit of the typical florally Korean BB Cream scent.  Lastly, like many BB Creams, upon initial application, it seems to have a bit of white cast, but will eventually adjust to your skin tone.


D5E70EE6-F2DD-467D-A7A4-BE803E0FFC16.jpgThis is definitely one of those base products that look the best upon initial application.  I’m always wowed by how good my skins looks right after applying it!  For the most part, I agree with their claims, but maybe not to the extreme way they are selling the product.  This does provide good coverage for a BB Cream, but maybe not “amazing” per se.  I would say it provides light to medium coverage and is buildable.  It definitely does create a “smooth skin texture” on the skin.  It reduces the appearance of your fine lines and pores and evens out your skin texture.


This is the one critique I have for this product.  I feel there are two types of bases.  Ones that look better as the day goes on and ones that look best right at the beginning of application.  This BB Cream sits in the later category.  This is especially true if you use it during the summer when you are prone to more oiliness due to the heat or just if you have oily skin.  After only a few hours, the product will start to break up and destroy that beautiful “smooth skin texture.”  However, in the winter, I love it!  I have more dry to normal skin now and it keeps my skin moisturized and looks good for at least most of the work day.  I think the fermented snail filtrate does an excellent job of keeping the skin moisturized.

Skincare Benefits

It is always difficult to assess skincare benefits from a base product because it is already layered over many layers of skincare.  However, it does have SPF 45 PA+++ and since using pretty consistency the last of couple of months, my skin has been looking pretty good.  I figure it certainly doesn’t hurt.

VERDICT:  I love this base during the winter time as it is keeps my skin moisturized.  It creates a flawless base for your other makeup and the skincare benefits are bonus.  The only critiques I have are the lack of colour selection and longevity.


13 thoughts on “Review: Tony Moly Ferment Snail BB Cream

  1. I like the review but I am missing the picture of the product’s color. 😦
    I was thinking to buy this bb cream but I can not find anywhere picture of the color before after blend it to the skin.
    I had a sample of another korean brand’s bb cream but the shade was disaster: some grey with pink undertone, when I applied I looked like dead or sick, zombie like…. So with this experience I really fear to order any bb without checking the shades..
    Can you please help me? Can I ask You a picture with the shade?

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    1. Sorry, it took me a while to get good lighting to take a swatch and add it back to the post. I am not the best at swatching so hope this helps. It does have that bit of grey undertone, but I feel it does slowly blend into your skintone colour after a bit. Hope that helps. :0


  2. The TonyMoly near my house carries very few lines, but they do have this snail line (was so sad when they only had the sheet masks come in for the Pokemon promotion) so I’ll definitely check it out next time I go in. (If you’ve tried it) do you prefer the Tonymoly Aura BB Cream?

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