Till We Meet Again: Empties and Expired Products


I am quite a stickler for getting rid of products that are expired, especially eye makeup, simply because I had a sty once and I don’t want it to happen again.  If it says it expires in 6 months, I will usually stop using it.  That is why blogging has been great to support this purging process.  Now, I can easily go back and check when I purchased a certain item on my blog.  Who knew that blogging might be good for my health too!

Similar to typical empties blogposts, I am going to talk about how the products worked for me and whether I would repurchase them.

LJH Vita Propolis Cream

I really enjoyed LJH’s Vita Propolis Ampoule (it left my skin glowy and moisturized), so I decided to give the cream a try.   Propolis is a natural antioxidant which is great for anti-aging (hydrating and improves fine lines).  This cream was a joy to apply.  It smelled sweet and fresh (my best attempt at explaining the scent), and the texture is “just right”, not too thick or thin.  It sank in quickly and left the skin plump and moisturized.  Used as a night cream, it lasted for about 3 months.  Whether it was anti-aging or not, it is hard to say after that many layers of skincare, but it definitely did not cause any irritation, and my skin felt moisturized during the dry winter months.

Repurchase?  Yes!

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise

There are many people that love Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup and I can’t say I am one of them.  I have tried 3 products from her line, and I can’t say I loved any of them.  Charlotte Tilbury’s Eyes to Mesmerize cream eyeshadows are solid products, but I just don’t think they are the best for the price, and they only have a 6 month shelf life, so you have to use them pretty quickly.  Let’s start off with good points.  The 6 shades are beautiful (slightly metallic) and super pigmented.  They also blend nicely on the eyelid.  Now, to the cons.  I found it hard to control the amount you get from the pot due to the moussy texture.  Plus, this is just personal preference, I didn’t really enjoy the experience of putting my finger or brush in the moussy formula.  Longevity-wise, I would say these last about 6-8 hours.  They creased and faded on me after that.

Repurchase?  You probably guessed.  No.  I just didn’t reach for these a whole lot.

Chanel Illusion D’Ombre

The Chanel Illusion D’Ombre cream eyeshadows are well-known for being beautiful and shimmery on the eyelids, so they probably don’t need an introduction.  Over the years, I have picked up a quite a few.  However, I haven’t bought one for a while because it seems like every brand has a cream eyeshadow now and there are really good ones for half the price.  This one was a gift from a friend.  Other than the price, I think the main deterrent is that they dry out pretty fast (less than half a year).  The bouncy texture becomes hard and dry quite quickly.  In fact, mine has even separated from the pot and will drop out of the container if I flip it upside down.

Repurchase?  Probably not, but they are so beautiful that they make for an easy impulse buy.

THREE Shadow Lining Performance Eyeliner


If you are a Japanese Makeup lover like me, you probably would have heard of the brand THREE. Just a little side note here, I just learnt that the Amazon Japan site accepts International orders so I have been digging around the website deciding what to order.  Back to the THREE brand, it is a department store brand that aims to sell beauty products with a focus on using organic ingredients (I wouldn’t say they are a totally green line though).  I wanted to love this eyeliner because it claimed to be waterproof, smudgeproof, glides smoothly during application, and contains botanical oils that help nourish the eyelids.  I would say the claim of longevity is warranted.  However, I feel the application is not smooth at all.  The tip breaks off easily even with the lightest hand.  Plus, the last time time the tip broke off, I can’t seem to turn the product up anymore as well.

Repurchase?  No.  I wish it was a “Yes” though.



8 thoughts on “Till We Meet Again: Empties and Expired Products

  1. Oh how sad about the short shelf life of the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise. I’ve been tempted by one – they’re so pretty in the pots. But I know I’ve got too many cream eye shadow products to use up first.
    I heard about the Amazon Japan “hack” on Reddit recently too. Needless to say – VERY tempted…. dangerous!
    I just found your blog through google – just followed!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooohh Three! I once walked through one of the departmental stores where I live now and saw this brand for the first time! Are there any products from Three you’d recommend??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I wish I lived in Asia where I could just walk into a department store and try Japanese beauty products. I love their whole line of skincare. It smells wonderful and works well. I love their foundation the most out of the makeup. It is a beautiful natural luxury line. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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