Get to Know Me: Favourite Non-Beauty Youtube Channels

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I have been wanting to do more blogposts to let you know me a little better.  I considered doing a “50 Facts About Me,” but it just seems truly daunting to think about so many facts about myself.  So I decided to talk about some things I am into outside of beauty by sharing some of my favourite Youtube channels.  If you have any Youtube channels that you watch that you think I would like, I would love some new recommendations!  Hope you enjoy this post!

I love animals, and especially enjoy watching dog rescues

There are not many animals that I dislike.  Although, I must say insects are a bit hard for me.  I find that a day spent with animals will automatically relax and make me happier.  I don’t have any pets of my own, but like many people, I love watching animal videos.  They always say you are either dog or cat person.  I used to be a dog person, but over the years, I learned to love cats as well. Lately, I’ve been binge watching a Youtube channel called “Gone to the Snow Dogs” about a couple that own 3 Huskies.  I love watching her make homemade treats for them and bring them on all sorts of adventures.  It always brings a smile to my face.

I also love watching dog rescues, like Vet Ranch.  Their channel stresses the importance of dog neuter and spays in light of the problems with dog overpopulation.  They focus on taking dogs that might otherwise by euthanized, and often giving them straightforward medical procedures that make them completely adoptable.

I love learning about other cultures

As I mentioned in a previous blogpost, I have a degree in Anthropology.  Therefore, I always love learning about the intricacies of someone’s culture, either from actually going to someone’s home to try a home cooked meal, or actually travelling to a place and immersing myself in their everyday life.  I haven’t travelled much the last few years, but I still love learning about other cultures through Youtube.

Lately, I have been watching a lot of travel food channels.  I have especially been loving the ones that try street food in Asia.  As my parents are from China, I often wonder what types of food they eat in other areas of China, either than the Cantonese food I grew up with.   I feel that often at a restaurant, you only might taste the “star” dishes of that country, but you never really get to try out the diversity of food that actually exists if the you visit the country.

That is perhaps why I love watching The Food Ranger.  He lives in China presently, and he will often go to small villages to try out the local specialties.  He will often try the same dish, but in a different region of China.  It is totally fascinating for a cultural buff like me to see the diversity of food in the world.

If you love The Food Ranger, you will also love Mark Wein’s channel about food in Thailand.

I am learning how to cook

I only officially moved out a few years ago.  My mother did most of the cooking all my life. However, I got married a few years ago, and I realized I should really learn to cook better.  I figured food just being edible is not good enough if you have to eat it everyday.  Let’s be honest though, “not very edible” and “barely edible” have been quite common terms in my home the last few years. Like many who have to come home and cook after a full day of work, I love recipes that are quick and taste good.

One channel that is not really a cooking channel, but I thought I would recommend here is Karlie Kloss’s Youtube channel.  Not only is Karlie a famous model, but she loves to bake and also talk about coding.  I find her recipes super easy to follow and there is one particular recipe I use a lot, which is her Chocolate Chia Pudding Recipe.  Super grains are huge the last few years, but actually finding recipes that you wholeheartedly think are really tasty are quite difficult.  I love this pudding because it tastes like having dessert in the morning.

I also love Sorted Food, Cooking with Dog, and Gordon Ramsay’s channel.

If you have channels you love, please comment below!  🙂

Haul: Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone


As I was writing this haul post, I realized there was an overarching theme to all the items that I have purchased recently.  They were all types of items that I have never tried.  Items that take me out of my beauty comfort zone.  I also realized that I had a lot of misconceptions of these products that are totally unwarranted.  I hope you enjoy this haul.

Dolly Wink Eyebrow Coat


I have never worn brow gel.  Mostly, because I had this preconception that brow gels made your brows stiff and unnatural.  However, lately, after hearing how great the Glossier Boy Brow (they don’t ship to Canada) is from all these beauty gurus on Youtube, my interest to tame those few unruly brow hairs grew.  Since I notice that many Japanese brands put out many brow mascaras, I thought that this Eyebrow Coat from Dolly Wink was worth a try. This is not like a typical brow gel. It comes in a tube with a flat brush that looks like it should be used to paint nail polish.  The formula is supposed to be waterproof and smudgeproof and has hyaluronic acid to moisturize the brows.  It also dries quickly and is not sticky once dried.

Initial Thoughts:  It smells really strongly of alcohol.  I am still getting used to the application, but it really does hold those brow hairs.  Almost feels like you put glue in brows.  Is that how brow gel is supposed to feel?

rms “un” cover-up


Cream foundation?  Haven’t used it and haven’t really thought about trying it.  Would it feel heavy and cakey?  However, if you have been reading my blog for a while, other than Asian beauty, I am super into Green Beauty.  Currently, my favourite Green Beauty base products are the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder and from Japan, the naturaglacé Foundation Puree.  However, I have always wanted to branch out and try some other “green” foundations.  I heard the rms “un” cover-up is kind of a cult product in the Green Beauty world, but also kind of a Marmite product.  It claims to not cover up, but enhance the radiance of your own skin.  It is lightweight and melts into the skin while minimizing pores.

Initial Thoughts:  I am truly surprised at how lightweight this is considering it is a cream product. Like the brand claims, it basically melts into the skin.  My only concern is that the coverage is quite minimal, almost like a tinted moisturizer.  I will have to continue testing it out to see how it wears throughout the day.

Whamisa Organic Flowers Olive Leaf Mist


This is my first face mist.  I can’t really explain why I never really got into using face mist, except for pure laziness.  Plus, it was almost extra money that I had to spend on another part of my skincare. So what changed me?  Well, I heard that this Whamisa face mist could be used as a toner after cleansing.  I got this idea initially from Anna from Style Under Pressure blogpost here, where she talked about using it this way.  She has also discussed that this is a quick way to keep your skin moisturized before the next step in your skincare routine.  An added bonus for me is this mist contains 92.5% organic ingredients and it is water-free so it is packed full of fermented ingredients that will keep your skin moisturized.

Initial Thoughts:  I love how refreshing and moisturizing this mist is.  I think I am still having trouble with the spraying technique though.  I feel like sometimes I am missing parts of my face.  If you have used a face mist before, just wondering how many sprays you use?  Plus, how saturated should your face be?

Heimish All Clean Balm


I must admit I haven’t used an oil cleanser for maybe like ten years.  My only encounter with one was using the cult Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil many years ago.  I remember it left my dry cheeks dry and my nose area flaky after a while and since then I haven’t even attempted to go near the stuff again.  However, since joining Instagram, endless photos of the beautiful packaging of the Heimish All Clean Balm reeled me in.  I usually use micellar water and a separate eye makeup remover to remove my makeup, but a cleansing balm seemed like a quick way to remove everything at once. Other than the beautiful packaging, this cleansing balm is supposed to be great for sensitive skin (which appealed to me), and really effective at removing all remnants of makeup (I use quite a lot of waterproof eye makeup).

Initial Thoughts:  It must be the curse of the oil cleanser.  First of all, I don’t know if I love rubbing this into my eyes.  Even if I do it gently, I feel like it irritates my eyes a bit, and leaves my eyesight a little blurry.  Also, after removal, my skin doesn’t feel totally clean and like there is a film of residue left over.  Is this normal?  However, most importantly, it left my cheeks red and irritated again.  So I am putting it away for while, and hoping that it was the rose hip oil that I started using at the same time that caused my face sensitivities.

Any thoughts of your experience with these types of beauty products would be appreciated.

The Best Liquid Eyeliners I Have Ever Tried (all from Japan): D. U. P Silky Liquid Eyeliner, msh Love Liner, and Flow Fushi Moteliner Review


If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you’ll know that I love Japanese makeup.  My ears especially perk up when I hear about the release of a new liquid eyeliner because my favourite liquid eyeliners are mostly from Japan.  I have Asian hooded eyes, which makes eyeliner easily transfer and smudge onto the bottom of the eye.  My eyes are also quite watery, so the outer wings of my eyeliner often disappear first.

Today, I am going to do a little comparison and review three of my favourites which have all won Japanese beauty awards: msh Love Liner Liquid, D. U. P. Silky Liquid Eyeliner, and Flow Fushi Moteliner.  I would wholeheartedly recommend all three, but just for the sake of being nit-picky, I am going to talk about the pros and cons of each.  I am also comparing them all in black to make it more fair.


I used mostly Google translate the details below.  If there are any discrepancies, I would love to know.

msh Love Liner Liquid in Rich Black

With a 0.1 mm brush tip, this liquid eyeliner touts longevity and pigmentation.  The aluminum packaging gives the liner a nice weight during application.  Apparently, common resin containers weigh 6 g, but this liner weighs 12 g.  The formula also contains moisturizing ingredients, which help to keep your makeup looking moist (not entirely sure what that means).  I only found this out recently, but it is supposed to be removable with warm water.  Initially, it came in 3 colours (rich black, noble brown, dark brown), but they have now since added 5 more colourful shades.

D. U. P. Silky Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Like the Love Liner, the D. U. P. liner has a 0.1 mm brush tip and comes in 3 colours (black, brown black, and natural brown).  It also claims to have great longevity  (waterproof, sweatproof, and sebumproof) and dries down quickly.  It also contains ingredients, like collagen, to nourish the skin. Furthermore, the liner does not dye the skin and breaks apart when washed off.

Flow Fushi Moteliner in Black

Like the other two liquid eyeliners, Flow Fushi also boasts extreme longevity (does not bleed and is water-resistant).  The brush tip is similar in size to the other two liners.  It is made by worldwide renowned Yamoto Kakao craftsmen combined with advanced technology  using four types of brush hair.  Made of aluminum, its octogan shape fits ergonomically in the hand and provides stability during application.  It is another non-dye liner, which easily comes off with water.  It comes in 4 colours (brown black, black, brown, and navy black).  A new colour called Cherry Cheek has just been released.


As you see from the three descriptions, these three liquid eyeliners are quite similar and in some ways, they perform quite similarly.  In the introduction, I mentioned that I would recommend all the three of them because they are all pigmented, long-lasting, and easy to apply.  However, just to really put them them through a hardcore review, I am going to a “best of” list for fun.  I hope this also helps you decide which one is right for you.

Best Longevity – Flow Fushi Moteliner

This ones goes to Flow Fushi!  If I have a long day, I usually wear this one because it pretty much lasts all day.  I am always amazed at night while removing makeup that the whole eyeliner is pretty still pretty intact.  It does smear a little in the older corners if you have watery eyes that day because it removes the easiest with water.  I think that if you cry, this one might come off.  The other two last extremely well too, except the bottom outer wings will often start disappearing on me at the end of a 8 hour work day.

Best Application – msh Love Liner

The octagon packaging of the Flow Fushi seems like it would be the most ergonomic and best for application.  However, if I don’t have much time, I always prefer the msh Love Liner because I usually don’t have to fix any mistakes.  Something about the weight really keeps my hand steady. The formula is also the least watery, so I feel like I can take my time applying it before the ink just rushes out of the tip.  Lastly, you can easily go over a line multiple times without it skipping or taking the liner off underneath (which the D. H. C. liner does sometimes).

Best Price for Value – D. H. C.

They are are around the same price though, with the msh being the most expensive at 1600 Yen and the D. H. C. being the cheapest, at 1300 Yen.  Converted to Canadian Dollars, where I live, it would be around $15-$18 CAD.  They all contain the same amount of product.

Best Pigmentation – tie between Flow Fushi and D. H. C.

I think all three liners are pretty black, but if I really had to be picky, the depth of the black from the msh Love Liner is a little intense than the other two.

Best Removal – Flow Fushi

It is so interesting to me that all three are considered water-resistant, but yet they remove with water.  I decided to experiment with this idea by drawing all three liners on my hand, and putting them under the tap.  None of them smudged when put directly under the tap, but when rubbed with a cotton ball under the tap and soaked with water, they all came off.  The easiest one to remove is the Flow Fushi one.  It usually comes off with one swipe with a dual phase eye makeup remover, while with the other two I usually soak a bit, before I swipe with a cotton pad.  Only the Flow Fushi liner removes well with micellar water.

Best Packaging – msh Love Liner

For me, the best packaging has always been the msh Love Liner.  It is a shiny rose gold and I love the feel of the weighed applicator.  Plus, it has a mechanism in the cap that prevents it from drying out.

VERDICT:  So which one do I love the most?  It really depends on what I am doing that day.  Most days, I will use the msh Love Liner, because it has good longevity and the application is the least fussy.  However, if I have a long day out, I will usually use the Flow Fushi one because it lasts the longest.  The only con is that the brush hairs have splayed on me a bit when I put the cap back on, and I have had to cut a couple brush hairs off.

I have also done in-depth reviews of the msh Love Liner here and D. H. C. Silky Liquid Liner here if you are interested.