Get to Know Me: Favourite Non-Beauty Youtube Channels

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I have been wanting to do more blogposts to let you know me a little better.  I considered doing a “50 Facts About Me,” but it just seems truly daunting to think about so many facts about myself.  So I decided to talk about some things I am into outside of beauty by sharing some of my favourite Youtube channels.  If you have any Youtube channels that you watch that you think I would like, I would love some new recommendations!  Hope you enjoy this post!

I love animals, and especially enjoy watching dog rescues

There are not many animals that I dislike.  Although, I must say insects are a bit hard for me.  I find that a day spent with animals will automatically relax and make me happier.  I don’t have any pets of my own, but like many people, I love watching animal videos.  They always say you are either dog or cat person.  I used to be a dog person, but over the years, I learned to love cats as well. Lately, I’ve been binge watching a Youtube channel called “Gone to the Snow Dogs” about a couple that own 3 Huskies.  I love watching her make homemade treats for them and bring them on all sorts of adventures.  It always brings a smile to my face.

I also love watching dog rescues, like Vet Ranch.  Their channel stresses the importance of dog neuter and spays in light of the problems with dog overpopulation.  They focus on taking dogs that might otherwise by euthanized, and often giving them straightforward medical procedures that make them completely adoptable.

I love learning about other cultures

As I mentioned in a previous blogpost, I have a degree in Anthropology.  Therefore, I always love learning about the intricacies of someone’s culture, either from actually going to someone’s home to try a home cooked meal, or actually travelling to a place and immersing myself in their everyday life.  I haven’t travelled much the last few years, but I still love learning about other cultures through Youtube.

Lately, I have been watching a lot of travel food channels.  I have especially been loving the ones that try street food in Asia.  As my parents are from China, I often wonder what types of food they eat in other areas of China, either than the Cantonese food I grew up with.   I feel that often at a restaurant, you only might taste the “star” dishes of that country, but you never really get to try out the diversity of food that actually exists if the you visit the country.

That is perhaps why I love watching The Food Ranger.  He lives in China presently, and he will often go to small villages to try out the local specialties.  He will often try the same dish, but in a different region of China.  It is totally fascinating for a cultural buff like me to see the diversity of food in the world.

If you love The Food Ranger, you will also love Mark Wein’s channel about food in Thailand.

I am learning how to cook

I only officially moved out a few years ago.  My mother did most of the cooking all my life. However, I got married a few years ago, and I realized I should really learn to cook better.  I figured food just being edible is not good enough if you have to eat it everyday.  Let’s be honest though, “not very edible” and “barely edible” have been quite common terms in my home the last few years. Like many who have to come home and cook after a full day of work, I love recipes that are quick and taste good.

One channel that is not really a cooking channel, but I thought I would recommend here is Karlie Kloss’s Youtube channel.  Not only is Karlie a famous model, but she loves to bake and also talk about coding.  I find her recipes super easy to follow and there is one particular recipe I use a lot, which is her Chocolate Chia Pudding Recipe.  Super grains are huge the last few years, but actually finding recipes that you wholeheartedly think are really tasty are quite difficult.  I love this pudding because it tastes like having dessert in the morning.

I also love Sorted Food, Cooking with Dog, and Gordon Ramsay’s channel.

If you have channels you love, please comment below!  🙂


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