My Favourite Blush: Coffret D’or Smile Up Cheeks Review


I discovered this blush as part of a Christmas gift set from my sister, and I have loved it ever since.  If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I love Japanese cosmetics.  They have such beautiful packaging and effective formulations.  The blush I am talking about is the Coffret D’or Smile Up Cheeks.  I decided to picked up the blush again after hit pan from my local Japanese beauty store, but it might be more difficult to purchase out of Asia.  Here are some websites that ship internationally where you can purchase it: Yesstyle and Sasa.

Coffret D’or is a department store brand from a large beauty brand called Kanebo.  They also own other Japanese brands you might have heard of like Kate, Lunasol, and Media, which I also love.  I didn’t find out till after the fact, but this blush has actually won a No. 1 spot on one of Japan’s major beauty ranking websites called Cosme (similar to Makeupalley).  I think it deserves that rankin!  Let’s start off with some of the claims of this particular blush from their website (I just used Google Translate, so if there are any discrepancies, please let me know).

  • cheek blurring (I am guessing this means pore minimizing)
  • delicate and glossy appearance
  • moisturizing formula with collagen
  • looks like natural skin after application
  • the center colour provides pigmentation, while the outer section creates a blurring effect
  • 4 shades


Do I think this is the most beautiful packaging ever?  Probably not for a department store brand.  However, the dome shape of the clear lid allows you to see the beautiful swirled rose design stamped into the blush powder.  Plus, it also the houses the small brush that allows you to take it on-the-go.  Even though the brush is small, it is very soft, and great for the intended application of this blush.



Their website shows you that this blush is supposed to be applied using a two-step technique.  Using the included brush, you are supposed to swirl the brush in the centre portion and apply it to the centre of cheeks.  Then, you swirl the brush around the outer portion of the blush and then apply around the perimeter of your cheek to blend out the colour.  Sometimes, the pigmentation can be quite intense for work, and I will just use a big fluffy blush brush and swirl it around the entire blush pan.


The powder is very soft and finely milled.  There isn’t a lot of fallout though.  It provides your cheek with a soft glow, which is not super shimmery.  The effect is kind of hard to explain.  When you swatch it, it looks a bit frosty, but when you blend it in, it sinks in quickly, and gives a very natural glow.  I am amazed at how smooth and flawless it makes your cheeks look.  I have quite dry cheeks and it keeps them looking glowy without resorting to a cream blush.


I am amazed at how this blush lasts!  I apply it in the morning and it is still there at night.  I have tried it on top of different foundations and the colour is almost as vibrant as when I applied it in the morning.  I remember the first time I used it and looked at myself after work, and I was shocked that my blush was still there.

VERDICT:  I am just in love with blush.  I just want to get more shades!


13 thoughts on “My Favourite Blush: Coffret D’or Smile Up Cheeks Review

    1. I live in North America. I’m not sure where you can get it in Singapore. I know Yesstyle carries it. Coffret D’or is owned by Kanebo, so if they have counter in Singapore, maybe they will have it. Thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂


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