Current Favourites


I think it is about time to do another Current Favourites post since my last one was in February.  Here are a few of my favourites categorized using the five senses inspired by Ingrid Nilsen’s Youtube Series called “Sense of Self.”


Finally, my sight favourite is not a Youtube channel for once!  I barely watch television, but I’ve been loving the new Anne series.  I think it is now called Anne with an E since its debut on Netflix.  Like many, I grew up loving everything written by L. M. Montgomery.  This included her books, the Anne movies from the 80s, and the Road to Avonlea television series.  Who would have thought that in 2017, the Anne series would be remade by the Emmy Award writer, Moira Walley Beckett, who is also famous for her work on Breaking Bad.

This is definitely a remake and not a faithful rendition.  The iconic scenes still exist with more in-depth renditions of certain scenes and some tangents that are completely not from the books.  So as a longtime fan, did I enjoy the remake?  The answer is yes!  To just do a faithful rendition perhaps would have been as justified since we can just go back and watch previous movies.  Instead, this update actually keeps it fresh by focusing on modern themes, like feminism.  Furthermore, I find the changes actually keep me on my toes, as I had no idea where the story is going sometimes.  I just hope that they keep Matthew alive through for a few more seasons.  I always felt he was one of the best characters in the story.  Have you seen the series?


Summer Essentials: Schmidt’s Deodorant in Rose + Vanilla and the Ilia Balmy Rays

As I have mentioned in previous blogposts, strong scents in beauty products give me a headache.  However, I can tolerate citrus scents and I realized, for some reason, the scent of roses in small doses.  I think it started with the Naruko’s Rose & Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Foaming Wash EX, which had this beautiful rose scent and was great cream cleanser.  So while scrolling through my Instagram feed, I spotted the Schmidt’s Deodorant in Rose + Vanilla on Sort of Obsessed feed (she’s one of favourites) and had to go get it.

I had tried the potted version of this deodorant before, but found it quite messy to use. You have to dig into the product with your fingers.  I have tried the twist-up version, but it was still quite crumbly.  However, the new version comes with a spatula makes it less messy and more sanitary too.  This is a plant-base deodorant that really works for light to medium sweating (it won’t get you through a gym session).  It feels almost like puddy, melts into you skin quickly, and you also need very little so it lasts a long time.  Plus, I love getting a whiff of the rose scent when I move sometimes during the initial application.


Cornbread!  I love cornbread!  I have definitely had it before, but I don’t think I started to love it till my coworker brought in her homemade cornmeal muffins.  Fresh out of the oven, they tasted warm with hint of sweetness from the corn, and then you also get a hit of the grainy texture from the cornmeal.  It is such an interesting mix of sweet, and a bit of savoury too.  I am surprised I love it so much since I am love super sweet things, like chocolate mousse and triple chocolate ice cream, but this is my new favourite.  I’ve also tried a more cakier version of cornbread and liked it so much that I had a piece every single day last week.  If you enjoy cornbread, do you have a favourite version?


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Two of my Favourite Powders: RMS Beauty Tinted “Un” Powder and Naturaglacé Marshmallow Powder

I don’t know what kind of magic this is, but when I dust my skin with the RMS Beauty Tinted “Un” Powder, it leaves my skin feeling so smooth!  This powder is so fine and it is also supposed to have light reflective qualities as well.  It is amazing how it can smooth out the texture in my skin.  Furthermore, it is also “tinted” so you can also use it to touch-up throughout the day.  Love it!


I have never seen X-Factor, but I so in love with James Arthur’s “Say You Won’t Let Go!”  I know this song is playing everywhere, but I love the simplicity of the accompaniment, and the emotions he is able to portray with his voice.  I still think England comes out with some of the best music in the world.  Can’t believe how addicted I am also to Harry Style’s new songs as well.  Don’t really want to admit it since I’m not that young anymore, but I figure it is ok, since I am just crushing on his music, right?

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