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Time again for talking about my favourites using the five senses again!  For those new to my blog, I find it hard to find favourites to talk about every month, so I usually do a favourites post every couple of months inspired by Ingrid Nilsen’s Youtube Series called “Sense of Self.”

Sight (a.k.a. Current Favourite Youtube Channel)

What if you could film your life everyday and make it look like a professional movie.  This would be the perfect description of this Youtube channel called The Michalaks.  They are a family of three, Stef and Hannah, and their son Grayson who live in the UK.  At the end of one week, they release the most beautiful vlog full of the most gorgeous cinematography and music tuned to their daily lives.  How can they make a child walking down the stairs look so poetic?  If you want to see vlogging taken to the next level, you have to check out this Youtube channel.  On a side note, I know I might be really late to the game, but I have been loving Jackie Aina’s beauty channel.  She is hilarious and so up-front with her beauty reviews.  Anyway, anyone love her as well?


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Whamisa Organic Flowers Olive Leaf Mist (pictured second from left)

I am at the tail end of using the Whamisa Organic Flowers Olive Leaf Mist and I am so sad.  It was my first mist, and I enjoyed using it so much after cleansing.  It doesn’t really smell totally like olives, but it has it’s citrusy tones.  Whamisa is a brand from Korea that focuses on using organic fermented ingredients in their skincare.  Not only is it great for spritzing after cleansing and throughout the day, it can also double-up as a toner.  It leaves the skin balanced and moisturized after cleansing.  Now, I just want to get the rose scent because I have enjoyed this one so much.


You ever see a recipe and think that there is no way this is going to work, but if it did, it would be amazing.  For me, it was Anna Jone’s Kale, Tomato, and Lemon Zest One-Pot Spaghetti.  I just didn’t see how a pasta dish that took 15 minutes would taste amazing.  Boy, was I surprised!  Not only was the pasta cooked, but the tomato turned soft and gummy and coated the spaghetti to give it such great flavour.  Plus, who would think kale would taste good with pasta?  It is such a great meal when you are tired from work, and just want to whip up something quick.  You should also check out her other quick vegetarian recipes from her book, A Modern Way to Cook.


I was on a hiatus with my Beauty Blender, but I am back in love with it again.  Do you ever find you have these back and forth moments with certain beauty products?  I also have this dance with cream and powder products.  One day I love cream blush and than the next month, I’m using powder blush everyday.  Before I head off into another tangent, I think the reason I stopped using my Beauty Blender was I got tired of walking to my sink and having to clean the sponge so often. Actually, that sounds like a terrible reason because it preforms so well.  Maybe it was because I thought it lessens the coverage of the foundation a little bit.  No matter, I am loving the bouncy feel of the Beauty Blender again, and how fast I can get my foundation done.  Has your loyalty to the Beauty Blender ever waned?


Another amazing musician from the UK that I found through Spotify.  James Vincent McMorrow is a singer and songwriter from Ireland.  I first fell in love with his music after his song Low on Spotify and have been addicted ever since.  I am no music critic, so it is hard for me to describe his music. Words that come to mind include moody, gut-wrenching, and soothing.  He also has the most amazing falsetto.

I listen to music from all different languages, and I thought I’d just add in someone else I love coming out of Taiwan, J. Sheon.  For some reason, he gives me “Craig David” vibes, who I absolutely adore.  I remember the first time I heard this song.  I thought “Who is this?”  He’s amazing!  After some digging on the internet with my so-so Chinese, I found that he lived in New York for a while, uploaded some covers on Youtube, and then went back to Taiwan.  If you love R &B, you should give J. Sheon a listen.


2 thoughts on “Current Favourites

  1. That is the exact reason I avoided the beauty blender for so long; could not be bothered to go into the bathroom to wash it. Solved it by putting on my foundation in the bathroom. But yea, I could also agree that it might not be the best tool for all foundations, depending on what type coverage you want from it.

    And oh, kale and pasta, sounds absolutely delicious. Will have to give that a go!

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