The B+ Life (a.k.a., Achieving Balance)

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In one of my previous blogposts, I mentioned a concept I called the “B+ Life.” I got a few comments about the idea and decided to do an entire blogpost. Basically, I equate the “B+ Life” as one where you feel balanced and content. Hopefully, it will also make you happier overall.

Perfection Doesn’t Always Equate to Happiness

When I was younger, I was constantly seeking perfection in all aspects of my life. In school, I wanted to get straight “A’s.” In relationships, I always wanted to be the best daughter, best friend, and the list goes on. I often equated happiness with perfection.  Of course, sometimes, perfectionism does lead to happiness. The A+ you got through studying for days certainly brought you great joy. However, I have found that seeking perfection all the time and in all aspects of my life, didn’t always make me happy. It just made me feel stressed. That is why I think it is important to pick and choose where you seek perfection. There are some things that are just not worth the stress and this can be different for each person. Ultimately, I feel life balance is a choice and something you have re-assess continuously.

It Doesn’t Mean Your Lazy

I used to think that not living life as an honour student meant that I was lazy.  However, I have learnt that you can’t always push hard in one area of your life without undermining another.  I often find that when I focus too much on work, I tend to undermine my health and my relationship with my close ones.  So it may seem lazy to not work those extra hours at work, but it means that you have worked hard on your personal life.  I have learned that there is no price you can put on your health and the relationships you hold dear to your heart.  Plus, a B+ job means you are doing a good job, and remember, an A is always within reach when you are up for it.

Pretend You Didn’t Read Any of This

As many people already know, balance is much easier to talk about than actually achieve. Ironically, it is just as easy to become obsessive over trying to find the “perfect” balance. To be honest, over the years, I have found the game of life is sometimes crystal clear and other times completely elusive. I guess, ultimately, it is the attempt that is important. There is no way we can get it right all the time. So I think I feel the same way about the B+ life, to seek is to find, right?

If anyone made any sense of what I writing about or have reached the end of this blogpost, thank you so much!

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