Friend-Zoned: Beauty Products I “Like”


I am not a big fan of “friendzoning” anybody, but I thought the term suited the beauty products I am going to talk about in this blogpost. For the most part, I bought the products below because of the hype. They are “good” products, but I just didn’t reach for them all the time. In other words, I just didn’t fall in love with them. However, they weren’t so bad that I couldn’t use them at all.

Burberry Complete Eye Palette in Nude Blush No. 12

“Pale Barley” is the shade I always hear about over and over again when people talk about Burberry’s eyeshadows. However, I wanted to try more shades so I got one of their palettes instead.ย  So what do I like? First off, the packaging is absolutely beautiful with the Burberry checked pattern on the lid. It also comes in a velvet pouch with some tiny brushes. The four shades are very wearable (both matte and shimmer), which is typical of Burberry’s aesthetic. In fact, the plum and rose-gold shades in this palette can almost act like neutrals. The eyeshadows themselves are also silky smooth and very blendable.

So now for the reasons why I don’t love this palette. First of all, the shadows are pretty powdery and there is quite a bit of fall-out if you are not careful. You can literally see how powdery it can get from looking at how dirty the edges of the inside of the palette become. Secondly, the way that some of the colours look in the pan do not translate once applied on the lid.ย  For example, the lightest shade, which is supposed to be used as a highlight, doesn’t show up one my skin at all (might be better for pale skin tones). The darkest plum shade also doesn’t show up dark enough on my lid to be considered a good liner shade.

Overall, the package is luxurious, and the textures of the shadow are good, but the colour payoff is not there for all the shades. I’m thinking the single shadows might be better. Has anyone had experience with those?

Milani Powder Blush in 05 Coral Cove

This is a blush that many love, so I’m not sure if is just this particular shade that I don’t love. I’ve heard that Milani makes some of the best drugstore blushes, so I decided to pick up one when I was in the States. The packaging of this blush is beautiful with a rose embossed right into the powder. It also contains 6 g of product, which is a lot for a blush. Not to mention, that it is under $10 USD! Super pigmented blush seem to be quite popular lately, and this is definitely one of them. You literally need to dab your brush into the powder and it is enough for one cheek. The colours are also lovely and this particular coral shade looks great on my yellow-toned skin. Lastly, I find it has pretty good longevity as it is still visible at the end of a work day.

Now, onto why I don’t love this blush. First of all, it doesn’t have the most pleasant smell, almost like plastic. Secondly, sometimes, I feel it is too pigmented. You can easily go overboard if you pick up a little too much on your brush. Thirdly, I just don’t find it blends out that well. It often looks a little patchy on my skin and doesn’t really do much to minimize pores. It is nothing major, but it just doesn’t compare to some other blushes I own.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Pop

I know a lot of people love this shade, but it is just not my favourite. I think this mostly comes down to preference. Some people like their highlights to be bright enough to beam into the sky, and others like them just be glowy and natural. I seem to fall into the second category because I find Champagne Pop too metallic. It also takes a bit of work to apply it in the morning. It is not a highlighter you can apply without a mirror because it can look like a streak of colour if you don’t blend it out properly. Plus, it doesn’t look great over textured skin or pores. However, when you do want your highlight to really pop that day, it is a great choice. It has the most beautiful golden metallic sheen. The powder is also finely milled and the packaging is gorgeous as well.

Do you have any beauty products that you have “friend-zoned”?

4 thoughts on “Friend-Zoned: Beauty Products I “Like”

  1. This post is so amazing – I’ve never really thought about friendzoning beauty products before ๐Ÿ˜„ But I totally get it and the more I think about it, the more items I remember liking (but not loving just as everyone else). I felt a lot like this when I tried Clinique’s Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm ๐Ÿ˜ฉ Kim xx

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