Santa’s Gifts


I have been away over Christmas, so I know this post is a little late. However, I thought it might still be a good reference for gift ideas in the future. Plus, I thought you could learn a little about me through the gifts I received. If you have read my previous post, “The Christmas Tag,” you will know that I much prefer to receive gifts as I find it so stressful to buy for others. Plus, I just love the surprise factor of opening a gift.

Beauty Blender Keep.It.Clean Kit

I have been a long time lover of the Beauty Blender so I was excited to receive this kit. It includes: 1 cleansing mitt, 1 mini blendercleanser solid, and 1 sample of liquid blendercleanser. I have used the solid cleanser to wash my brushes and sponges for quite a few years now. At around $22 CAD, it is not the cheapest solid cleanser, but it is super effective at cleaning sponges and brushes. I actually prefer it over the liquid cleanser, which I feel takes more work. However, the most exciting part of this kit for me was the cleansing mitt. I have only seen this used on Youtube, and have never tried it myself. The palm of my hand will often get dry from using it as a surface to swirl my brushes to clean them. I’m hope the texture on the mitt will speed up the cleaning process as well. Do you use a cleansing mitt, and do you have favourites when it comes to cleansing mitts?


The first thing my sister said to me after I opened this gift was: I hope you are not offended. To which I replied: I wanted to buy one for myself! I lose everything. If it is not permanently glued to my body, there will be a high chance that it will be lost. In fact, I have lost so many umbrellas in my lifetime I have lost count. So what is tileMate? Physically, it is a one-inch piece of plastic that you can adhere to anything to track its location using Bluetooth technology. Using your phone, you can make the tile ring to locate items like your remote control or even your car. It can also make your phone ring even on silent. The only con is that it needs be replaced after a year and I feel like I need more than one!


I miss the world of mix-tapes. I love the thought of giving someone a piece of who you are through music. Years back, I remember this was a pretty common gift when couples started dating. Now, we still have playlists that we share with each other. However, there is something more precious when a memory is shared in a physical object. Every time I pick up that record and play it, I will remember the person that gave it to me and the meaning it had. Do you collect records and what are some of your favourites?

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break, and all the best in the new year!

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