Quick Reviews: Deluxe Samples


Yes, I am one of those people that go into Sephora with no intention of buying anything except to look at their deluxe samples. For me, it is the best way to try something before investing in the full-size product. I finished these three samples lately and want to share my experiences with them.

BITE BEAUTY Multistick in Mochi

I’ve never had the best of luck with multipurpose beauty products and I’ve afraid I feel the same way about this product. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy this product, but not in all the ways that it is meant for. Bite Beauty’s Multistick is meant to be applied on the lips, cheeks, and eyes. By far, my favourite application is on the cheeks. The pigmentation on these are amazing! You only need to dab a little onto your cheeks and you have a beautiful flush.

I prefer to dab it on my finger and then onto my cheek, so that I can control the pigmentation a little bit more. I find that, as a blush, it can be on the drier side, and a bit patchy. However, it lasts so long on your cheeks, that it is worth it. Onto application on the lips. I love their lipsticks, but this formula is a bit too dry for me on the lips. It works way better with a lip balm. Lastly, I’ll be honest, I never used it on my eyes. I still haven’t had the courage and temptation to made such a bold colour work on my eyes.

LAURA MERCIER Eye Basics Eye Primer in Wheat

I am obsessed with trying out new eyeshadow primers because nothing stays on my eyelid without primer for more than a few hours. That is why I immediately picked this sample up when I saw it at Sephora. Like many popular eyeshadow primers, this comes in tube form with a doe-foot applicator. However, unlike many primers, it comes in six shades. Some of the shades are more colour-correcting and the others are meant to flatter different skin tones. I was lucky the shade, Wheat, matched my skin tone quite well.

Since this primer has pigmentation, it does a really good job of covering any discolouration on your eyelid. I would consider it more on the drier side though, but it does a pretty good job of controlling oil on your eyelid. I would say it keeps your eyeshadow looking good for a good 4-6 hours. I mean, it is not the best one I have tried with regards to increasing the  longevity of your shadows, but it does a really good job of upping the vibrancy of your shadows. Lastly, since it is on the drier side, I would recommend you pat this primer onto your lid instead of blending it in back and forth.


This was my first foray into AHAs and Sunday Riley’s Good Genes was such a good introduction for me. Good Genes probably needs no introduction since I see it all over Instagram, but basically it is a lactic acid treatment. It aims to exfoliate your skin to reveal glowier and smoother skin. Initially, I was quite hesitant to use it because I heard all these horror stories of these type of treatments making your skin purge and breakout. I, luckily, didn’t have any bad reactions to it, but I would still recommend test patching first before full-blown using it. I don’t know if all lactic treatments smell this way, but this definitely has strong scent that you have to get used to. Other than the scent, I really love this. When you wake up in the morning, you do see a noticeable glow and over time it really does smooth out your skin texture. As a last bonus, I also found this helped out with hormonal acne, as it has pore-clogging properties.

Have you tried any of these products? Also, I have been quite addicted to Instagram, so if you want to see more frequent posts from me, please check me out at: https://www.instagram.com/itsmudges/.

Review: Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix


I don’t know where I conjured up this idea that the more expensive an eye cream is, the better it is. Let’s just say I used to be spend hundreds of dollars on eye creams. It seemed that the older I got, the more expensive the eye cream became. I have basically been using an extortionately expensive eye cream for the last few years because I feared that if I stopped, those crows feet would start coming back. However, I decided enough was enough, it was time to branch out and so I picked up this Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix on a whim, which is not cheap, but half the price of my usual eye cream. Guess what? Nothing bad happened.


As with many skincare products, this product is all about innovation. In this case, this products contains a 360° Matrix Technology which helps to plump the eye area and give you a “wide-open” look. Its three main claims are that it will help repair, fortify, and hydrate your eye area.  It will reduce fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles. The 360° Matrix Technology will strengthen the area around your eyes and lastly, it will hydrate the eye area for 24 hours and with its two times concentration of hyaluronic acid.


Unlike other eye creams I have tried, you use the glass wand applicator to massage the product around your eye area. Then, you can pat in the rest of the product till it is fully absorbed. The concentrate has a lovely lightweight lotion texture and glides on easily. As it is meant to be used with the massaging wand, it does take a little bit longer to absorb into the skin.


I am happy to report that my eye area did not get worst after switching to this eye cream. It has kept my fine lines and puffiness at bay. With regards to dark circles, I didn’t see much of a difference. Although, I can’t say anything really has really helped with dark circles over the years. Did it help me completely obliterate my fines? Probably not, but it certainly did not make it worst. I did find the formula really hydrating and when I woke up in the morning, my under eye area looked plump and refreshed.

Overall, I was quite happy with the formula of this eye cream. If I had a criticism, it would be the packaging. Initially, it seems such a bonus that you can use the wand to give your eye area a massage. However, I found the applicator finicky. It was difficult to get just the right amount of product to apply on your eye area. You can only grab a little each time, so you do have to dip it in more than once and each time you pick up an inconsistent amount of product.

Initially, I thought you had to apply a lot of product so that the wand will glide over your eye area without tugging. Trying not to use up the bottle to quickly, I would dot the product around my eye and then blend it in with the massaging wand, which worked just fine.  Did I find the massaging a wand gimmick? I don’t think it is because it does give the eye area an amazing massage and helps to promote circulation and de-puff the area. However, I must say I don’t always have the time to do a massage everyday. Sometimes,  I just want to slap it on so I found the applicator more time-consuming than expected.

VERDICT: This is a solid eye cream. However, the issues I had with the massaging wand might keep me from repurchasing it.