Review: Naturaglacé Emollient Cream Foundation

Before I went to Tokyo last year, I thought that “organic” and “natural” beauty products would be quite a niche market in Japan. However, I was surprised to find entire stores and sections dedicated to organic and natural beauty products. I have been a long time fan of this Japanese brand, Naturaglacé, which uses 100% natural ingredients. I loved their products so much, I have even ordered them off Ebay. So when I got to try their products in-person at one of their counters in Tokyo, it was hard not to buy everything. Luckily, I was able to restrain myself and only buy two products, which included their cream foundation and eye makeup remover.

Brand Overview

Naturaglacé is a beauty brand from Japan. It uses 100% natural ingredients and their ingredients are also organic. Their formulations are made with essential oils and plant extracts and are targeted at providing the benefits of skincare in makeup. The brand is also cruelty-free and attempts to produce less waste during its manufacturing process.


This foundation is meant to provide a glowy finish and smooth out the imperfections in your skin. The cream formula is supposed to be highly moisturizing because it contains ingredients like Blackcurrant Seed Oil and Streptomyces Leaf Extract. The foundation comes in six shades and has an SPF 39 PA+++. The sunscreen ingredients do not contain nanoparticles.


I actually really love that this foundation comes in a tube. It is easy to control how much you squeeze out. Since it is a cream foundation, the texture is on the thicker side so the tube packaging makes sense. However, I don’t feel like it is so thick you have to really squeeze it to get the product out of the tube though.

This foundation is definitely best applied with fingers. I tried applying it with a Beauty Blender and it didn’t work at all. I have a feeling it has something to do with the fact that the oil from the foundation and the moisture from the Beauty Blender just don’t mix well together. Usually, I just dab it onto my skin and spread it out. As the name implies, it is definitely on the more emollient side, so it is does take a bit more work to blend it out.


This is definitely one of my favourite foundations. It leaves such a beautiful glowy finish without looking oily. It does a great job smoothing out pores and fine lines. With a primer (I have been using Tatcha The Silk Canvas), your skin looks completely smooth. This is an ideal foundation for dry skin as it leaves even my super dry cheeks moisturized. Ironically, that is the same reason it might not be good for someone with oily skin or to be used as a summer foundation. Other things to note are the coverage is definitely on the light side and the longevity is good. It easily looks great for a 8-hour work day.

VERDICT: A glowy and moisturizing foundation that is perfect for the winter months or someone with dry skin. It provides that natural glow and also evens out your skin, which makes it perfect for everyday wear.

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