Review: THREE Shimmering Glow Duo

“Clean” and “natural” beauty brands have begun to pop up a lot more in Japan the last ten years. One of the most luxurious and beautifully packaged brands would be THREE, which focuses on using essential oils and organic ingredients in their products. Over the years, I have tried many of their products and enjoy their foundations and skincare the most. I love the look of cream makeup on my skin, and was excited to try out this blush/highlighter duo.

Not being able to read Japanese, I assumed both pans were highlighters. I did question how a person could use both shades for highlighting because the dark shade is just a whole lot darker. After using Google Translate, I figured out that the darker shade is for blush and the lighter shade is the highlighter. The blush is just meant to be illuminating as well.


The texture of this cream blush is more on the “putty” side. In fact, it gets a bit messy in the pan as it starts to gather and clump together on the sides of the pan. I usually just apply it with fingers and it works great. The pigmentation is on the medium side, but you can definitely built it up a bit. It does take a bit of time to blend it out nicely and seems a little patchy upon initial application. However, after a few hours, as it blends it with the natural oils in your skin, it is not that noticeable.


This duo gives you the most beautiful glow. It gives your cheeks a more dewy type of glow than a metallic one. I love the highlighter as it gives you that lit from within type of glow. I wear it most often if I have a matter foundation on that day. With regards to longevity, this is not one of those long-wearing blushes, but it does look really good for like 4-6 hours.

VERDICT: If you are looking for a cream blush and highlighter with “cleaner” ingredients, I would recommend this blush. It gives such a beautiful and healthy glow to your skin.

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