Review: Honest Beauty Truly Kissable Lip Crayon

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If you are starting out in green and/or natural beauty, lip products are always a good way to go because there are just so many good choices. Some of my favourites include Bite Beauty, Kosäs, and even Burt’s Bee. Today, I am going to review one of my recent finds from the States. I have been meaning to try out some beauty products from Honest Beauty, but they are hard to get out of the United States. To my great surprise, you can now easily pick up items from their line in Target. I wasn’t sure what to get so I decided to get their Truly Kissable Lip in Sheer Rose Kiss and their Everyday Primer because they both received nods from Allure magazine (and I love Allure).


Honest Beauty is a brand created by the actress Jessica Alba. The main keywords used in their brand marketing are “safe” and “effective.” It is important to note though that they do not claim to use natural and organic ingredients. Their policy indicates that they do not use parabens, paraffins, silicones, talc, petrolatum, mineral oil, or synthetic fragrances. If you want to check out their ingredient lists, they are listed clearly for each product.


This lip crayon is supposed to provide a sheer wash of colour giving a natural look on the lips. The formula is lightweight and will glide onto your lips for a quick and convenient application. The ingredients will also keep your lips and moisturized and cushioned.


The main ingredients of this lip crayon are coconut oil, murumuru butter and shea butter.


2018-02-25 10.53.24 2-02.jpg

It has the standard twist-up lip crayon packaging. Like many twist-up crayons, there is always the risk of closing the lid improperly and ruining the product inside. This is happened to me on many occasions and I have ruined the original sharp point of the crayon. That being said, the packaging is quite sturdy and has withstood all the tossing around in the bottom of my purse unscathed except for a tiny crack in the lid.


With its rounded crayon tip, it is quite easy to apply on your lips precisely. They even recommend that you can overdraw your lips to create volume without any problem since it is a tint. The texture is very balmy. It almost feels like I am applying a regular lip balm. I find that I don’t even need to apply a lip balm underneath it since it is so moisturizing and will not enhance the flakiness of dry and peeling lips.


I really enjoyed this lip crayon. In fact, it was constantly on my lips for a few weeks. I think the main reason I love it so much is because it is so convenient. You don’t need to apply a separate lip balm underneath and it keeps my lips as moisturized as if I am using my favourite Burt’s Bee lip balm. Furthermore, don’t be fooled by the word “sheer” in the name because I would consider the pigmentation equal to a regular lipstick. However, this means you will need a mirror when you apply it. If there is one possible downside, it would be that it doesn’t wear super long. However, I guess you really shouldn’t expect that from a lip tint. It is interesting in that it has a tad of a shine for the first hour or so and then after that, the colour starts fading and it looks more like a matte stain. It holds up pretty well through casual drinking, but won’t last through a meal. I tend to wear it like a lip balm, reapplying it every few hours.

VERDICT: If you are looking for a moisturizing lip balm with more than just a tint of colour, I would totally recommend this lip crayon.

Current Lip Essentials


My lips are always dry and peeling in the summer, and this year I was determined not to let it happen again.  So why is it so hard to keep my lips in good condition in the summer?  First of all, it is hard to find a good lip product with SPF.  Secondly, I never remember to reapply.  Therefore, I try to find something that I want to reapply, which means that I usually have to like the scent.  Lastly, since you have to reapply lip products quite often, I tend to favour more natural brands.  The three lippies below are the ones I have used the most the last month.

Ilia Balmy Days


I find that a lip balm with SPF is hard to find.  I suspect it has something to do with the nature of the SPF ingredients.  Ilia’s Balmy Days is definitely not a budget buy ($26 USD), but the packaging was so minimalist and sleek, I couldn’t help picking it up.  Just a little background about this brand.  It originated from Vancouver and specializes in organic beauty products with minimally designed recycled packaging.  Balmy Days is a clear lip conditioner made with 82% organic materials (mostly natural oils, like sunflower seed oil).  It has an SPF of 15 (titanium dioxide).  It also claims to be hydrating and long-lasting on the lips.



Packaging-wise, it is just beautiful.  It has the loveliest click when you close it and it even has the ILIA logo printed on the inside of the tube.  Such a lovely detail!  Now, the most important question when it comes to products with physical SPF is does it leave a white cast?  It honestly does, but I wouldn’t say it is that bad.  Applied lightly, it is barely noticeable.  However, if you load it on, you can definitely notice it.  The product feels really hydrating on the lips and lasts for a quite a few hours.  However, since it tends to sit on top of the lips instead of sinking in, it can gather in patches on the lips.  That is why it is important not to apply too much or your really notice the white cast.  I usually will apply lipstick on top rectify this problem.

VERDICT: A lovely lip balm with SPF if you want to splurge.  I just wish the lipstick bullet was slanted so it hugs the lips better.

Kosås Weightless Lip Color in Undone


I randomly bought this lipstick in a local shop after seeing it all over Instagram.  I thought it was good, but I was so addicted to Bite Beauty lipsticks at the time, I put it aside and didn’t use it for a while.  However, I was inspired to break it out again after reading Sanida’s glowing review from her blog, Fluke.  Her blog has beautiful photographs and is really well-written.  You should go check it out!

Kosås is an indie brand from Los Angeles, California which just produces lipsticks.  The founder, Sheena Yaitanes, has a background in natural sciences and painting.  She wanted to create a line of lipsticks that enhanced a woman’s natural beauty with shades that complement all skin tones.  There are 6 lipsticks in the collection in total.  The line uses many natural ingredients, and is free from preservatives and synthetic fragrances.  The lipsticks claim to protect the lips from UV and environmental damage, prevent the formation of fine lines, hydrates, boosts collagen, and softens and plumps the lips.


Another brand with beautiful minimalist packaging.  It comes in a distinctive rectangular black bullet which feels surprisingly comfortable in the hands.  The lipstick applies smoothly onto the lips and gives a beautiful semi-matte finish.  The colour is pigmented and really long-lasting.  I find that even without lip balm underneath, it still feels pretty moisturizing.  Does it come off during eating and drinking?  Yes, it does, but some of the pigmentation will remain after casual eating.  Whether it boosts collagen production and prevents of fine lines, is hard to tell, but having used it for a few weeks, my lips feel moisturized and I haven’t noticed my lips getting flaky or dry.

Verdict:  A solid lipstick where you’ll certainly find a shade that will flatter you.  I hope they come out with lip liners because if I had one little gripe, it would be that it bleeds a little during the day.

Burt’s Bee Moisturizing Lip Balm in Strawberry

There are some products that have stood the test of time.  For me, it has got to be the Burt’s Bee Lip Balms.  I have tried many natural lip balms and I always end up going back to this one.  I recently discovered the Strawberry scent which is fast becoming my new favourite.  I used to love the Grapefruit one.  Do you have a Burt’s Bee favourite scent?  Unlike the original beeswax formula, which I also love, other than beeswax, seed oils top this formula.  It also claims to be 100% natural and moisturizing.


This lip balm still continues to be a solid favourite of mine.  First of all, it is easily purchased at many drugstores and even grocery stores in Canada.  The ingredients are natural.  Many of have a nice fruity scent which I like, but the scent doesn’t linger.  On the lips, it is just emollient enough, but doesn’t feel super heavy.  Most importantly, it works!  It keeps my lips moisturized and works great under lipstick.  Of course, it is not some heavy duty lip treatment, but it doesn’t claim to be one.

VERDICT:  A classic lip balm, which I have repurchased over and over again.

Bite Beauty Bits


It just happened.  I don’t know how.  I somehow amassed 5 Bite Beauty bits in the last few months.  Not all full size of course, or I would be broke.  A few of them are travel sizes and deluxe samples.  So what is the draw of Bite Beauty for me?

The ingredients are edible

Of course, this is a huge marketing strategy of Bite Beauty.  I am not a chemist, so I cannot totally validate this claim.  However, for a brand to make this claim, it does take some guts. If you check the ingredients, they are mostly natural and some are organic.  I do tend to favour green beauty products, so this seemed like a good choice for me.

All the coloured lip products are really pigmented

Fig (left) and Meringue (right)
So far, I have tried the Amuse Bouche lipsticks, the Matte Cream Lip Crayons, and the Lip Pencil.  I have quite pigmented lips and all the colours I own show up on my lips.  On the other hand, I don’t feel that this is a line for someone who loves a sheer wash of colour on their lips.

The packaging is matte, but doesn’t get super dirty, like another famous brand with matte packaging

I have had these running around in my handbag for a few months and they look great. They don’t attract dust and dirt, like the Nars packaging does.

So now for the products!

Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Verbena, Meringue, and Fig (34 shades)

Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Verbana
I feel like these lipsticks are the bread and butter of Bite Beauty.  They are pigmented, moisturizing, have good longevity, and leave lovely satin finish. If there is one gripe, for me personally, is that I don’t really enjoy the citrus-minty scent, but I can see others loving it though.

I’ve already talked about the great pigmentation of Bite Beauty products, so let’s talk about how moisturizing they are.  The lipsticks contain 12 edible oils that help to moisturize, smooth, and soften the lips.  Even without a lip balm, they are very moisturizing. Although, I do find that a lip balm underneath makes them glide on a little bit easier.  I’m most amazed at how well they glide over dry and flaky patches on your lips.  Even if you forget to use a lip scrub, you’ll be fine.  However, I don’t find it totally smoothes out your lip lines, like some other lipsticks, which I don’t mind.

From top to bottom: Meringue, Fig, and Verbana
Apparently, luxurious ingredients like pearl, silk, and red wine resveratrol help to prolong wear.  I can’t really picture how something you wear on your body works on your lips, but this lipstick lasts really well.  Within a few hours, the pigmentation does fade a little, but most of the lipstick is still there.  It lasts pretty good through casual snacking (50% of the colour is there), but of course, after a full meal and wiping with a napkin, most of it is gone.

Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Pastille (18 shades)

Pastille (left) and 034 Lip Liner (right)
I feel like these crayons are very similar to the Amuse Bouche formula except they are more matte (obviously) and like many matte lipsticks, a little bit more drying.  I feel like when I press my lips together, my lips feel a little bit more dry.  Therefore, they work better with a lip balm underneath.  Don’t get me wrong though, these are still great for a matte formula.

Lip Pencil in 034 (50 shades)


I am a totally lip pencil newbie.  Previously, getting me to wear lipstick was rare, let alone using lip pencil.  So my review, is just purely based on this one lip liner.  The lipstick and lip crayons don’t bleed or anything like that.  Therefore, do you really need this lip crayon?  I would still say yes because it just gives the lips even more definition if you are craving that look on a certain day.  Super moisturizing shea butter and great glide during application makes these a great first purchase for a lipliner beginner.  The only qualm, for some, is that you do have the sharpen them.

All in all, I love all my Bite Beauty purchases.  So much, in fact, that I couldn’t help picking up the deluxe sample of another Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Beetroot using my Sephora points.  Can’t wait to wear it!

Second Look: Makeup Products that Have Grown on Me


They say “you only have one chance to make a first impression.”  This may be true in a job interview.  However, over the years, I have found that this is not always true.  I feel that once you get past the initial impression, and dig a little deeper, you often find beauty in someone.  Okay, I think I might be going overboard with this analogy, but the three makeup products I am going to talk about in this blogpost were definitely love at second sight.

Sulwhasoo Evenfair Perfecting Cushion in No. 23

Initial Impressions:  I bought this over the summer, and the colour was too light.  The texture also was quite thick and started to break up and go patchy on my skin after a few hours.


Second Look:  I just couldn’t give up on this product mostly because it had been raved about so much online.  Not to mention it was also quite pricey, and included a refill as well.  I figured I couldn’t give it away yet before trying it one more.  I am so glad I did because once winter hit the shade was perfect for me!  It really did create a flawless coverage while concealing blemishes, wrinkles, and fine lines.  For a Korean cushion foundation, it is not actually super glowy.  I would say it gives a natural skin finish.

To combat the thick texture, I found out it was much better to apply two thin layers instead of one thick one. I usually take a small dab and dot it around the face before I stamp it into my face.  It says that it lasts 12 hours on the website, but I feel this is a base that looks best on initial application.  It gets a little dry and fine lines start making an appearance at around the 6-8 hour mark.  That perhaps why it is considered a portable foundation so you can touch up on-the-go.    One last thing I really enjoy about this cushion is that the puff is beige so it never looks extremely dirty because the colour of the product matches the puff.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Verbena

First Impressions: This is a bit of a cheat, but I had to return the original Bite Beauty lipsticks (I don’t remember if they had a name) due to the strong scent that lingered after application.  I loved everything else about the lipstick, except the scent was making me physically ill.

IMG_0076.JPGSecond Look: One day, while visiting Sephora again, I saw that they had put out their Amuse Bouche collection, and really wanted to give them a try again since I really enjoyed the formula minus the scent.  I was super happy to find out that this time around the scent was derived from freshly pressed grapefruit, lemon, lime, tangelo, mint, and mandarin.  If there is one scent I can tolerate, it is citrus scents.  The mint still bothers me a little bit, but I love the product so much it is worth it.  The formula is so moisturizing even without a lip balm underneath.  I am amazed by how long these stay on the lips.  I mean, some of it comes off during eating, but there is still definitely some pigmentation left over after most meals.  I was reading on the website that pearl, silk, and red wine resveratrol prolong the wear of this lipstick.  That sure sounds super luxurious!

Paul & Joe Creamy Cheek Colour L001 (similar here)

First Impressions:  I hesitate to put this product into this post as it was part of a limited edition set, but I have been using so much the last few months I decided to leave it in.  This was a lovely present from my best friend and I liked this blush when I got it.  However, the colour was really pigmented even if you used a sesame size amount, so I used it on and off during the year.  Plus, it was one of the blushes that might have caused some bumps to appear on my dry cheek area, so I put it on hold for a while.

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Second Look:  Fast forward to the last few months, and I’m using it like almost everyday.  It is not that anything changed about the product, it is just what I wanted out of my makeup recently has evolved.  Since I have been wearing less eye makeup, due to ocular shingles a few months ago, I have loved focusing on my cheeks and lips and this cheek colour just fits the bill.  It is pigmented and lasts all day.  It has a cream to powder finish which makes it a good backdrop for a glowy highlighter I am into lately.  Plus, I have found out that since I have been using more snail products, my cheeks have been more moisturized and I don’t have the problem with bumps on my cheeks. Hope this comes out again with another holiday set or I might have to consider getting their cream blusher, which is just as beautiful.

Trying Out Lip Oils

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Suddenly, it seemed like last year, brand after brand starting putting out their version of the lip oil. Whereas the super popular liquid lipstick seemed like it could be drying, the lip oil seemed more moisturizing and thus, more appealing to me.  I decided to just dive right in and basically pick the two with the most hype and the prettiest packaging, the Lancôme Juicy Shaker in Berry Tale and the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil in Raspberry.  I didn’t really do any major research on either lip oil, but made the decision pretty much on some favourable reviews on Youtube.

How They Look


Lancôme Juicy Shaker after initial application (left photo), after half and hour (middle photo) and Clarins Lip Oil after initial application (right photo)

Judging from their ad campaigns, I assumed that the shine from these lip oils was equal to a high-shine lip gloss! I guess, that is the power of photography.  I do think that these lip oils impart a lovely low-key shine.  However, the shine does fade pretty quickly.  The Lancôme Juicy Shakers fade pretty within a half an hour whereas the Clarins Lip Comfort Oils probably lasts about an hour.

Here’s where these lip oils differ tremendously.  The Clarins Lip Comfort Oil dulls down in shine after a few hours, but it still leaves the lips moisturized.  In contrast, the Lancôme Juicy Shaker fades pretty quickly and leaves a matte stain on your lips.  Neither of them are super pigmented, but I would say the Juicy Shaker leaves a subtle tint of colour (it would also depend on what shade you got).  This isn’t a Korean style lip tint in that the stain doesn’t last after eating.  The Clarins Lip Oil almost looks clear with a sheer hint of colour. However, since I have really pigmented lips, it almost looks just like a clear gloss on me.  Also, one other thing to note is that when the Lancôme Juicy Shaker dries down, you do see more of your lip lines.

How They Feel

I think one of the great things about these lip oils are that they aren’t sticky.  I would say that the Juicy Shaker really feels like you have oil on your lips.  I could see that this might not be the most appealing to some people.  On the other hand, the Clarins Lip Oil feels thicker and more like a gloss.  That is perhaps why I feel that the Clarins lip oil is overall more moisturizing.  After using the Lancôme Juicy Shaker all day, my lips did feel a bit dry.

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One of my favourite aspects of these two lip oils are their applicators.  The Lancôme Juicy Shaker’s applicator feels like a soft latex sponge that hugs your lips.  Of course, the “funnest” part though, is shaking the cocktail shaker shaped packaging to mix the oil with the pigment in the product.  The Clarins applicator is also a joy to use.  The “cocoon” applicator grips the perfect amount of product when pulled out of the tube. This larger than average doe-foot applicator also fits comfortably on your lips during application.


How They Taste

Even though no one has any intention of eating these oils, you do accidentally taste them sometimes.  They both don’t have any taste I find.

How They Smell

Both of these lip oils smell like fruit, which I love!  The Lancôme Juicy Shaker smells more like raspberries and the Clarin lip oil smells like cherries.  The scents don’t linger, which I prefer.

VERDICT:  Overall, I enjoyed trying out these lip oils.  I realized though, as a category, there is a lot of variety.  These are two difference products and which one you purchase will depend on what you are looking for.  The Lancôme Juicy Shaker gives you a beautiful sheen and leaves a subtle tint. In contrast, the Clarins lip oil is more of a lip treatment that not only moisturizes your lips, but gives a more natural hint of colour.  Neither are super long lasting on the lips, so you do have to reapply after a few a hours.

A Whole New World To Me: A’Pieu X Rilakkuma Water Light Tint in CR01 Review

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The world of lip tints seem like a complete mystery to me.  Photos of Korean models wearing these bright and juicy colours seemed so adorable.  However, could I, a thirty-something year old, actually still pull off such a cute and trendy look?  I think so.  It is different than what I am used to, but I love the bright and cheerful look it adds to my everyday look.

Here is my first experience with a lip tint and I am reviewing the A’Pieu X Rilakkuma Water Light Tint in CR01 Unripe Grapefruit.


Obviously, super cute, because of the Rilakkuma packaging.  As expected, some of the lettering did start to rub off after being in my bag for a while.  Once you untwist the lid, you will find a flat shaped doe-foot applicator.  The applicator has a nice teardrop shape which makes it easy to get to the corners and edges of your lips.


Now, here comes the main reason I will not repurchase this lip tint.  When you twist the lid off, sometimes the plunger that seals the container (this is hard to explain) will also pull off.  I can’t explain how many minutes of my life have been spent trying to get that plunger out of the lid.  So you if want to purchase this lip tint, try not to twist the lid close super tight or it will drive you crazy!



When applied on the lips, the formula almost has a cooling effect which totally surprised me. Having no previous experience with lip tints, I didn’t even take off the excess product before application the first time I used it.  Boy, was that a mistake.  I have now learnt to take off the excess on the inside of the tube.  Other than being cooling, it has almost a gel texture that glides really easily over the lips.  The formula is not sticky and feels quite moisturizing on the lips.  Lastly, it smells super fruity (it doesn’t linger though) and tastes alright if you do swallow it.

The Look

Shade CR01 Unripe Grapefruit

The look of this lip tint is really a whole new experience for me.  It makes your lips glossy, but definitely not as “high shine” as the publicity stills on their website.  I guess, due to the tint nature, your original lip colour does still show through the tint.  Therefore, how the lip tint colour shows up on your lips will depend entirely on each person’s lip colour.  I also do feel that your lip lines show a little more than a with using a more conventional lipstick.

I think how it wears over time is the most interesting effect of this lip tint. At first, it goes on with a bit of a gloss, and then it fades out to a more matte look.  The edges of the lips will fade first with most of the pigmentation remaining in the centre of the lips.  It really does give that I “sucked on a lollipop”  look.  It’s pretty, but did take me a while to get used to.


For some reason, I assumed lip tints actually stain your lips permanently.  Maybe, some of them do, but this particular one doesn’t.  The colour also does not last that long on your lips.  After a couple of a hours, most of the initial colour is gone.  Furthermore, after eating or drinking, you will definitely have to reapply.

If your lips are in good condition, you will not have to apply lip balm underneath.  The formula is quite moisturizing when initially applied.  However, I found that if you reapply quite a few times during the day, your lips do get quite dry.  Therefore, if you use this a lot during the day, a lip balm underneath is definitely recommended.

VERDICT:  A pigmented and flattering first purchase for a lip tint newbie.  However, I will not repurchase due to the frustrating packaging and the lack of longevity on the lips.

Makeup Edition: Gone Green and Haven’t Looked Back

I think the best and most frustrating things in life always sit in the “grey” area.  Ideally, if all beauty products were amazing and good for us, then that would be the ultimate.  However, with everything in life, I find it is best to find a place of balance.  For example, I tend to use more natural and organic products when it comes to skincare and body care.  However, with eyeliners, I still haven’t found replacements for my favourite non-green products.  Once in a while though, I find makeup items that fit that “ultimate” category and haven’t looked back.  Just on a side note, I am aware green beauty is more on the luxury side, so if anyone has any cheaper alternatives, I love some recommendations.  Plus, I not at all an expert on green beauty, so I am sure I missing out on some even more “ultimate” beauty products I haven’t discovered yet.

Cream Blush

I think if you are just starting out with trying out green beauty, I think cream blush is a good place to start.  I have really enjoyed all the ones I have picked up.  My favourite is probably the Kjær Weis’ Cream Blush.  They have a great colour selection, good pigmentation, and the packaging is beautiful and refillable.  Most importantly, their cream to powder formula has great longevity and blends out beautifully.

When it comes to green beauty, I think they really excel when it comes to blushes that give you that natural “I just came back from a run” flush.  Wasn’t sure about the Tata Harper Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint in the beginning because it didn’t seem that pigmented compared to other blushes I have used.  However, now that I have been using it for a while, I really enjoy that natural flush it gives, and it really does plump up the cheeks, which is a plus.  Lately, I have also been trying out Jane Iredale’s In Touch Cream Blush.  This blush is in a stick form making application super convenient.  It also gives that natural flush that I am really into lately and it smells like chocolate.


For lipstick, my favourite has to be from Ilia.  I started out with their lipsticks that came in their sleek matte metal tubes.  I was just amazed at how creamy and pigmented they were.  They give a semi-matte look on your lips and come in some beautiful colours.  Then, I moved onto the lip crayons which I thought wouldn’t be as creamy because of the stick formula.  However, I was surprised to find that they are just as creamy and the sharper tip allows for even more precise application.  I was also going to put the Burt’s Bee Lipstick in this category.  However, mine has congealed into hard clumps in the bullet after a few months.  Anyone else have this problem?

Cream Highlighter

This is a little bit of a cheat, but for the most part, I have switched over to natural cream highlighters.  Actually, I really have one, but I love it so much, I use it all the time.  This is the infamous rms beauty living luminizer.  As indicated on their website, this highlighter gives a “satin-pearl” sheen to the skin.  This is subtle.  It is not an ultra glowy Becca highlighter, but I feel it just gives the right amount of natural glow and brightens up your face.  Plus, it lasts a lot longer than you think.  I still see it on my face at the end of a work day.

Do you have any beauty products where you have switched to green and never looked back?  I would love to know.  Thanks for reading!

Review: Burt’s Bees Lipstick in Lily Lake


I am super lazy with lipstick.  However, every once in a while, I will decide to buy a lipstick hoping that one day I will catch the lipstick bug.  To be honest, I wear it so infrequently, that when I do wear it, it just seems like a little too much sometimes.  However, lately, I have been really loving this Burt’s Bees Lipstick in Lily Lake.  I find myself putting on lipstick because of it.

These are some of the reasons that I am really enjoying this lipstick:


It is so moisturizing!

Even though you might have dry and flaky patches, this will glide over them.  From their website, it has moringa and raspberry seed oils that “soften and condition you lips all day long.”  I find that with this lipstick, every time you pressed your lips together, it felt really moisturizing, almost like a lip balm.  This is possibly why I enjoy putting it on so much.

I must say though, that it doesn’t last all day on my lips.  This is definitely not a long-lasting liquid lipstick.  It will last a few hours and will not last through eating.  However, if you top it up a few times during the day, the pigmentation will continue to build on the lips, and it is still there most of the day.

It smells really good!

It smells like berries when you put it on.  The great thing for me, since I am sensitive to scents, is that it doesn’t linger.

It is really pigmented!


It seems like beauty lovers are always saying this, but having used quite a few of Burt’s Bee’s lip products, this is one of the most pigmented products they have produced.  I have quite pigmented lips to begin with, and considering this colour is like a “my lips but better” type of colour, it really showed up on my lips.  It comes in 14 shades, so there is a lot to pick from.

The finish starts off as more of a satin, but as the day wears on, I would say it is more matte.

It has a nice “click” when you close the tube!

I find that this is always a nice touch.  There is always something satisfying about packaging that “clicks” nicely when closed.  The packaging is made from recycled plastic and has a nice honeycomb design on the side.

VERDICT:  My new favourite lipstick from someone that doesn’t really wear lipstick much.  I really want to get more!

Review: BIO-BEAUTÉ by NUXE Tinted Repairing Lip Balm with Peach Pulp

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I love the NUXE Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm Rêve de Miel.  For me, I only need to apply it once before I go to bed and it keeps my lips moisturized all day.  Plus, you only need less than a pea-size each day, so it actually lasts quite a long time.

A few months ago, I spotted a new counter for NUXE’s sister brand, called BIO-BEAUTÉ.  I have been slowly moving towards using more organic and natural beauty products and since NUXE is an established brand, I thought I would give BIO-BEAUTÉ a try.

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Naturally, since I love the NUXE lip balm, I thought it would be fun to see if the BIO-BEAUTÉ version, called the the Tinted Repairing Lip Balm, would be just as good.  It comes in three scents,  Apricot Butter, Raspberry Pulp, and Peach Pulp.

IMG_1751Just a little background on BIO-BEAUTÉ, it is an organic beauty brand which focuses on using the benefits of organic fruits (high in antioxidants and vitamins) in their products.  Furthermore, their ingredients are minimally 90% natural and cruelty-free.  This particular lip balm is 100% natural and made of 45.2 % organic ingredients.

This is a lovely lip balm.  It comes out of the tube in a gel texture that you can spread over the lips evenly using the slanted applicator.  The texture is gel-like and the finish is a little bit glossy, but not like a lip gloss though.  It feels really moisturizing, and not sticky at all on your lips.  On your lips, it will last a good few hours, but will need reapplying after eating.  It gives you a tiny bit of colour on your lips, so definitely a good one to use if you want to have a natural lip day.  Lastly, the scent is also subtle and lovely.

VERDICT:  Is this the organic version of Rêve de Miel?  Not really, but is a very good lip balm.  It is definitely one of my favourites lately.

Here is the ingredients list for the box if you are interested:


I am still learning about ingredients, but I checked on the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database and most of the ingredients scored 1.  The last four ingredients and fragrance scored in the moderate or high hazard realm.  The website does say all the ingredients are natural, so I might missing something here.  Any suggestions?

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