Top 5: Current Japanese Cosmetics


My favourite makeup comes from Japan.  Ever since my first Coffret D’Or eyeshadow palette from the only Asian makeup store in my city 10 years ago, I have been hooked.  Now, there is more than one Asian makeup store, but I still end up buying at least one thing to try every time I go in.   So why do I love Japanese cosmetics?  Well, first of all, the packaging is just so cute, but most importantly, the quality is always very good regardless if it is high-end or drugstore.  The following are 5 of my current favourites.

Visee Glossy Rich Eyes GR-8

This is definitely one of the best drugstore eyeshadow palettes.  The colour payoff is excellent, there is very little fallout, and the packaging is cute.  The finish of the eyeshadow on the eyelids, like many Japanese shadows is somewhat glittery, but also gives a beautiful semi metallic finish.  This green based palette looks kind of scary, but the colour combinations always work and the yellow is very sheer.  It is a great palette to pull you out of a neutral tone slump.

Coffret D’or Color Blush PK (similar here)

This was a surprise hit for me because it was part of a limited edition set.  However, I am practically addicted to it.  It is a dual coloured blush with the lighter shade being kind of a highlight.  The  two pink colours mixed together give this beautiful luminosity when applied.  Plus, it lasts and lasts and lasts all day on your skin.

Integrate Heart Melty Eyes BR712

Basically, this is a quick look in one.  Using your fingers, apply the bronze cream eyeshadow first, and follow up with the brown powdered eyeshadow on your eyelids and the look is done.  The cream eyeshadow applies easily and blends out well and the powder eyeshadow is pigmented and has great longevity.  A great everyday eyeshadow combo.

Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek OR302

No one can argue that the macaron packaging is adorable.  Moreover, it is a lovely apricot coloured blush similar to Benefit’s Coralista.  That is perhaps when I love it!  The blush is good quality, and a staple in my everyday makeup lately.

msh Love Liner Perfect Volume Treatment Mascara

Bought this mascara on the suggestion of the sales person without reading any reviews and ended up loving it.  Obviously the cult favourite mascaras from Majolica Majorca and Herione Make hold the curl better and have better volume, but this mascara is very good.  Plus, it just removes with water, which is much more ideal for everyday wear.  Last but not least, it does not clump or smudge all day.

If you have tried Japanese makeup, what are your favourites?