Review: Make P:rem Safe Me Relief Moisture Cream

The words “safe” and “natural” seem to be used a lot in skincare lately. Whether an ingredients has be natural to be safe is debatable, but knowing more about the ingredients that get absorbed into your skin I figure is a good thing. With only twelve ingredients, Make P:rem’s Safe Me Relief Moisture Cream sounds appealing as we navigate the endless news about the safety of certain skincare ingredients.


Make P:rem is a Korean brand that aims to create effective products using quality raw materials at reasonable prices. Their brand focuses on using Nordic philosophy in its use of ingredients, technology, and design. The Safe Me Relief Moisture Cream uses 93% natural ingredients and contains 12 ingredients. It is meant for those with sensitive skin and they claim it is a non-irritating formula. Some of the main ingredients include squalene, glycerin, sage essential oil, and bergamot fruit oil. This cream is supposed to provide continuous moisture for 48 hours.


Visually, this looks like quite a thick cream, and even when you pick it up from the tub, it seems thick. However, when you apply it, it actually is which lightweight and spreads out really easily on the face. In fact, you quickly learn that you need less than expected to cover your entire face. It sinks in really quickly and doesn’t feel really tacky or anything. It does a have a bit of a sage scent, but it is quite subtle and disappears quickly. Overall, I found it quite a lovely application process.


This was surprisingly moisturizing considering it felt like a lotion when applied. I didn’t try it during the dry, winter dry months, but it kept all my dry patches around my nose at bay in the spring.

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