Skincare Short Reviews

It is always so intriguing to me how all my skincare seems to run out at the same time. I am always left scrambling to buy new items before the last drops disappear. I honestly feel like there is some universal force working to make this happen or I am just to lazy to buy backups. Presently, as I am scrambling to buy some new skincare online, I thought I would take a break to quickly review three of the skincare products that I have emptied or almost emptied in the last month.

Naturaglacé Point Makeup Remover

I am always on the lookout for a makeup remover that not only removes makeup, but also doesn’t make my eyes sting. Naturaglacé is a natural and organic brand from Japan. I love a lot of their base products, so I thought I would give their makeup remover a try. This is one of those dual-phase makeup removers that you have to shake up before using. It contains argan oil to moisturize the eye area. Luckily for me, it didn’t have much of a scent, which can really affect my opinion of a product. It also did not leave much of an oily residue after using it. Unfortunately though, it does irritate my eyes and make them water a little and just feel more irritated in general. I did finish the whole bottle, but won’t be repurchasing.

Melvita Argan + Face Care Oil

I am totally on one of those face oil kicks. I have combination skin, with an oily T-Zone and dry cheeks and have just found that face oil really keeps my dry cheeks moisturized and looking great under makeup. I decided to pick up this one from Melvita because I love the facial oil I bought from them years ago in Asia. This facial oil contains nourishing argan oil and amino acids that help with firming. I love that the scent of this oil is very subtle and sinks in really quickly. There is nothing worse than an oil that leaves your skin feeling super greasy. It is super moisturizing and lasted four months with me using it in the morning and nighttime. With regards to the firming effect, I think it helped, but it wasn’t anything obvious. I would definitely repurchase.

Scinic The Simple Calming Toner

This is a lesson of buying something that has good ratings, but is not that compatible with your skin type. This Scinic toner had really good reviews on a Korean beauty review app, and I bought it without even reading the brand write-up. It is a solid toner for those with sensitive skin, but not enough for who is looking for anti-aging benefits. It has contains water-lily flower extract which is moisturizing, madecassoside which protects your skin barrier, and aloe vera which is soothing. During application, it sinks in quickly and doesn’t contain much a scent. Overall, it does leave my skin moisturized and soothed, but it is not moisturizing enough for someone with dry skin. I think I would prefer a toner with a few more anti-aging ingredients, so I probably will not repurchase.

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